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Originally Posted by Fox♠ View Post
Jewish people were only fine and dandy because they didn't stupidly splurge their money out in the boom during the 30s where America leant Germany a load of cash. It's my honest belief that Hitler didn't actually hate jews, rather he needed a scapegoat to unite the people against, he'd already used communists when he failed to get power in 1924, and with the downturn and the case of the majority of Jewish not being as poor as other Germans, they were the obvious choice.

And the holocaust, let's not forget that Hitler didn't actually have that much to do with it other than allowing it. It was masterminded by Heinrich Himmler.
It's hard to say if he did or not. He wasn't exactly the 'master race' himself; his mother was Jewish. Heinrich Himmler was the mastermind behind it, but it wasn't like Hitler could have cared less if the holocaust happened or not. It was part of his plan and many more genocides could have happened if he wasn't stopped. Let's look at Belgium!

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