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    This is the latest version of the presentation of your hack, Pokémon-The mystery of Celebi.
    Since 11/21/2008, now finally a refresh of the presentation, with the latest
    details about the features, the team and other hack-related things.

    Started: August ‘08

    Restarted: November ‘08

    Leaders: Driver, Haefele

    Team: Pain, Gibson, Tialgo

    State: approx. 20%

    • Alpha: (published)
    • Beta 1: (published, current)
    • Beta 2: (under construction)

    Story (first beta)

    Itself, the story starts as most Pokémon-storys start. With a Pokémon, which was given to you by the local professor. You have to try to get all badges of your region. Motivated as you are, you walk on the first route. You discover a Celebi-statue. You want to survey it, but suddenly it become a real Celebi. You are captivated by the appearance of this Pokémon, but suddenly it vanishes. You want to speak with the Prof. about your experience, you have to see, that he was captured by a criminal gang. Despite your efforts you’re not able to help him, and they can flee. A workmate of him, wants to help you, and so you go together with him to the next town, Elonia. You want to discover the famous cave of the town, but you meet Team Rocket there. The kidnappers of the prof. are able to flee again, but some of Team Rocket stay there. You have to fight them, and after their defeat they also run away. You still wonder, what Team Rockets want from the Professor, but you don’t find a solution. So you go your path, and in Gelona-Ost, your companion leaves you, because his brother`s lab is in this town, and he has to do something there. So you’re lonely again. So you go to the nearby forest, where also Team Rocket is. At the beginning they don’t realise your presence, but in the end they discover you. They want to attack you, but suddenly Celebi appears, and takes you to the Pokémon Center.

    Story (second beta)

    From the P.C. you go to the Gelona-route, and you discover some ruins and you have to solve their riddles. After this adventures you see a building, and there is Team Rocket again. Because of your last meeting with that guys, you try to avoid a confrontation, but they see you, so you have to defeat them. There are 2 last Rockets in the end, but they look different. They are Jesse and James.
    They don’t seem to have seen you and speak about a headquarter in Elonia, and then, they go. You decide to follow them, but the riddles in the mountains are hard. But you’re able to solve them and you discover the headquarter of Team Rocket. After a investigation you find the professor, and he tells you why Team Rocket has kidnapped him. They want to catch Celebi with an ultimate Pokéball to control it. Suddenly Team Rocket notices you, and they are much more than you’re able to defeat. But suddenly Celebi appears again, and takes you to the past…

    Amazing graphic! New battlescreens, tiles, animations, ...
    Timetravels! Past, Feature, who knows!
    Battle-Robots! The trainers are too strong? Try the Battle-Robots!
    Totally new region! Mountains and the sea, caves and beaches, meadows and forests, all together in one country.
    Many quests! Bored by the main-story? Then search for some items for your neighbour.
    New gym’s! In the mountains, under the sea or up in the air, everything is possible!


    ________New awesome animations!_______________New worldmap in the HG/SS-style! ____New graphics let you feel the new way of fighting!

    The new titlescreen!___________Some features like berry-trees are also implanted!_________New gym’s? Certainly!


    Alpha: [Deleted,it's too old]
    1. Beta: [Download]

    This persons have supported us with tiles, help or any other resources!
    • Atomika
    • Alistair
    • Kyledove
    • Pey!
    • Saurav
    • Majesticz
    • Mike
    • Synyster_Zeikku
    • Magican Ruwla
    • Awesome
    • Newtiteuf
    • 100%-Spriter
    • TheEnglishKiwi
    • Alucus
    • Reck
    • MrQriz
    • lighterzein
    • CNC
    • Taratos

    This was a short presentation of our hack, I hope you liked it, and we want you to give criticism!
    I also hope the thread is now clearly arranged, how the progress of the hack is.
    You can see the latest pictures in Haefeles gallery.

    ~the TMoC-Team

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