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Update NSE 1.7-
Yay, it's finally here XD

  • Fixed some bugs
  • An overall speedup
  • Better, faster free space finding
  • More dynamics added to bookmarks, (Image lengths, more dynamic pointers, support for LZ bookmarks)
  • LZ Decompression and Re-compression on both images and palettes
  • Re-point compressed images and palettes, NSE will search for and change any referencing pointers
  • Automatically finds free-space or do it yourself in Advanced Mode


Get this dialog (above) by switching to Advanced mode,
or let NSE do it automatically! (Applies to both images and palettes)

Note(S): What this means-

This does not mean that you can change the size of compressed images,
-But rather means that you can edit the image and palette inside of NSE, export and import bitmaps, and a ton of other things.

I highly recommend you bookmark anything you re-point , so you don't forget the offset.
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