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    Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
    my brother did this to me spent 6 months looking for it and brought a new one when he gave it back.

    I don't like the eevee Hp thing

    it sucks if you heal as a jolteon and then switch to a vaporeon had your missing 1000 hp. Eevee's hp/pp should change as a percentage.

    10% HP as a Flareon gives you 10% HP as an Espeon ect.

    Can't wait for the game to continue.

    About lv. 25ish Eevee and i just beat the rockets with the Nidos
    Hmm. That's actually a good idea, I will likely implement that system :D

    Originally Posted by pikeevee View Post
    Ah, I love this game; its really wonderful. I did have an odd glitch once in the city where Elm lives. I was on my bike when Oak called me, and when I exited, I was still on the phone screen. I had to get off my bike to turn it off, which was weird. Atm, I am around the L30s...with eevee, Venusaur, beedrill (I love my beedrill) and either Golbat or Hitmonlee (who doesn't have struggle, btw).

    I really love this game...can't wait till the next version comes out. =3
    Thanks, I'll have a look at the cause of that. shouldn't be hard to fix.

    Originally Posted by GMuser View Post
    Has the tetraelement bug been reported yet? If you choose the same element as eevee already is, then the game gets whacky.
    Pokenoodle already mentioned this, but I couldn't pinpoint the cause. You appear to have found it. Thanks :)
    EDIT: upon reading pokenoodle's post again, I see he did mention that it happened when he selected the same eevee form. my bad.

    GLITCH WARNING::: If you only have eevee in your party; and use the tetra element, PLUS you select the same form as you already were in, then your eevee will be removed from your party(you won't have anyone in your party). To fix this, just use the tetra element again (press hotkey '0')
    Good news, I've finished reshuffling the movelists. All pokemon now carry Gen4 movelists, with a few modifications. I'll probably be adding Gen5 once it comes out also... Attacks that attack all enemies have been added. Heres a few of em.
    -Leaf Blast (Bulbasaur)
    -Fire Spin (charmander)
    -Rapid Spin, Spin Cycle (Squirtle)
    -Leaf bommberang (chikorita)
    -Surf (totodile, cannot be used to actually surf on water)
    -Trash, Rollout, silver wind, Air slash, Air cutter, magnitude, earthquake, bonemerang, fissure(!) and more.

    I should be able to finish morty's gym and the cave of the dammed tommoro. I'll post screenies when done.
    Version 0.753 is out
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