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Downloaded and played this hack (on livestream! it was fun! x3) and I'm really enjoying it so far; the sequence breaking (by which I mean the speed at which you acquire Surf and the doing-away of things such as gyms) keeps the game fresh, even though the setting is the same. I do think you could use a tile revamp of some sort, even though it's set in Hoenn and all. I'm also missing the female PC's overworlds, but that's just an aesthetic thing, like you said. Also there's a tile error in Littleroot town. Or maybe those white blocks are supposed to be there. I dunno.

I'm at Dewford and my team is:
Koffing [Farmstink] Lv. 20
Dustox [Mr.Wiggles] Lv. 20
Qwilfish [Tentaquil] Lv. 16
Mysteryegg [Hyperion] Lv. 13
Pellipper [Aeropostal] Lv. 18

I'm doing a pseudo-Nuzlocke, by which I mean that I'm limiting myself to 1 per route and I was doing the release-if-faint thing until Koffing fainted and I was like "screw that." I'm really looking forward to exploring more!

Question; do Weezing or Qwilfish have further evolutions?
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