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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    That's odd. I'm certain I've fixed Norman - it worked for me. I'll have another check and see if there's anything I've accidentally done to him.

    EDIT: I just played through the Petalburg Gym sidequest again, and Norman definitely works for me. Are you sure you've got the latest IPS?.
    Yep - but it may be a bad rom or a problem with the save (or something completely different). Unless it is vital to beat him, I think I can live without that fight

    BTW - I know that one of the catchable diseased Pokemon is Graveill, but I can't seem to find the second one...

    And I think that the pets could be made more interesting - compared to the Pup and Sparkly pony, they are somewhat boring (mostly because they're old and well known creatures )

    Oh, and did You increase the chance to find a shiny mon? I've already found two random ones (a Zigzagoon and a Sandshrew)...
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