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    Originally Posted by BCKC View Post
    Yeah, Jirachi looks... a bit off, I guess.
    Tropius, Cradily, and Flygon are really dark in some areas o-0
    Ralts's "hair" has lines in it, right now, it looks smooth :O
    Otherwise, the sprites are great!
    And, its prob my screen or something, but there's a weird dot near Delcatty o-0

    EDIT: Sharpedo looks odd, as if everything except his fin is 2d :(
    Also, Treecko's eyes are funny; according to you, you have white, so why not use that instead?

    EDIT2: Oh hey, page 11! :D
    Thanks, I've gone back and editied the problem ones.

    Originally Posted by me2hack View Post
    Wow, that's a lot of work. They look good, except for Jirachi. =/
    yes, jarichi does look off. fixed now(i hope)

    Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
    Wow! I missed a lot of updates since I last looked at this thread.
    Well, youre in luck!

    Originally Posted by sread123 View Post
    oh yes this game has come along way and im loving it more and more as the update keep coming keep up the great work darkdoom
    Ill try keeping it going :)

    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    Wow :D

    Would it be okay if I used some of those revamped sprites in my hack ?
    You'd get credit for revamping them :)

    (I can only use sprites that can be made to have the same height and width but for most of them, resizing the picture like that works without making the sprite look glitchy)
    All good, I posted it in the resorce center, so anyone can use.

    Update of sorts.

    The Official Blog Launches!!!

    This is for you guys who only visit the thread once a week and find it hard to find the latest update because you're too lazy to go through the replies. So you can just check out the blog for the latest updates and go post your thoughts in the thread.

    the pokecommunity thread will still be the first place I post.

    Heres a screenshot. Lets just say, 1 minute into the new version, something will derail your quest, teleporting you to a far away land. As you can see, there will be sand.

    Version 0.753 is out
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