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    Winter's Corner.
    First Edition. 24.6.2011.

    Hey, I'm Winter! I know, I know, I'm probably annoying you and the mods with all the posting, but I'm sure they won't mind. :)

    Basically, this is my little thread to talk about things new with ROM hacking, discuss stuff, hold little competitions, etc. etc. on a weekly(hopefully) basis. This will have everything from rants to praises and everything in between. So, without further ado, let's start Week One

    What's new?
    Obviously a peculiarity, the infamous follow-me script. I'm sure this has stumped Yellow remake after Yellow remake, after Yellow remake. What is the follow-me? For those of you who do not know, in Pokemon Yellow, you had a fat Pikachu following you wherever you decided to go. You could turn around and talk to it, too! Sound familiar? Yeah, it's also a feature in Soul Silver. Now, why am I bringing this up? Some of the people in the Research and Development(namely, Jambo51) has come up with an idea that sounds perfectly logical, and perfectly do-able! In a nutshell, he thinks if we figure out how the sprite for the hero is loaded onto the OAM, we could use this routine and force it to run twice, except rewrite the positioning routine to look like it is following the player! Why is this important? Well, we could get a proper Yellow remake! We've yet to have a completely genuine Yellow remake. So, cheers to the guys at Research and Development who've been trucking at this for a while. :)

    What to look forward to?
    One word: Organization. This tool will be doing it all. That's right. The list of features is simply amazing! This tool will back up your hack, restore your hack to a previous back-up, store all your files in one project file, dock all your tools into one panel, act as a all-in-one patcher, and other features as well! Giga Universe took a simple concept like organization and decided to make one incredible tool with it! As much as he is letting on, he's releasing this tool soon and Full Metal said this:
    @Most anybody looking at this thread -
    You're in for quite the surprise when this is finished. (:
    The interface is very well done now, and some of the features are just plain awesome.

    This tool is gonna be loads of help, especially to those who simply do not have the slightest idea as to how to be organized.

    Another thing to look forward to is beta 3.1 for Liquid Crystal by Linkandzelda. Most of you know this is coming, but for those who don't, Liquid Crystal is a hack of Fire Red which is a remake of Crystal. Apparently, Linkandzelda left for a while and recently came back.[/FONT]

    Things Worth Mentioning.
    Misc. Editor by AgentGeo. It's a fairly simple tool that does things to add small details to hacks that just make them better. Two of them being the evolutions not requiring a national dex(Like evolving Porygon to Porygon2), and having the running shoes work indoor. It's a small tool, yes. But a very nice one. Well done, Agent. :)

    Apologies, apologies! Sometimes, very sweet, and sometimes, they make you sick 'cause the person is so sarcastic about it, it makes you wanna puke. However, in this scenario, this is not the case. ROM hacker / game developer Coolboyman has recently apologized for his bad attitude in the past. While I wasn't here to experience it, just by reading what he said, you can tell he was very sincere in his apology. Everyone here who knows CBM knows him via Pokemon Brown and Prism. Both of these hacks are very nicely done and I encourage everyone to check them out if you haven't already.

    Rom Hack I'm personally looking at.
    Personally, I only want to do one hack a week in this section. But, this week deserves two since it's the first

    First up: Pokemon Shattered Dreams by Quilava's Master! This is a hack of Fire Red taking place in the Zinnos region. This hack is very nicely done, even in it's Alpha stage! Yes, by Alpha stage, I mean he's released an Alpha. This hack comes with custom OW's and trainer sprites, snow tilesets, Day, night, and seasons, a full world map, HG battle backgrounds, a neat little PDA telling you the date. Also, seasonal events(some events in winter, some in summer, etc.)

    The second hack is Pokemon Sienna: This is a Fire Red hack by Manipulation! This won Hack of the Year last year and is stickied in the Hacks Showcase! Why is this being mentioned? Reason being that Manipulation is back after stopping for 2 and a half months. He's back and working hard and fast! In the past 3 days or so, Manipulation has posted 3 updates including new battle backgrounds and a shiny Heracross event!

    Mini Competition.
    I would like to host a small competition, if anyone's interested. Since this is the first one of these I'm holding, I'd like to keep it simple. I'll need two judges to judge with me, and the first two to ask to judge will be the judges. To participate in the competition, just post a map, keep it in spoilers. I'd also like to impose a theme: Snow towns. You have until Tuesday, 8PM EST(June 28th, 2011). Then all the votes will be tallied.

    To vote, follow this format, please:
    Name of the map poster:
    Rating out of 5:
    Favorite feature of the map:

    Closing Notes.
    I hope you've enjoyed reading this. I would really like some feedback on what to include, and things of that nature.

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