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Originally Posted by ZangoMango View Post
I believe that's what's happening. I use GIMP fairly often so I would love those instructions, thanks.
Open the Palettes dialog. (Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Palettes)

Create a new palette.

Create a new color from the foreground color. Do this sixteen times, for a sixteen-color palette. (Right-click in the Palettes window, or use the new icon (folded paper) in the Palettes window.)

Double-click a color to edit it. Manually enter all of your colors into the palette; make sure that the color that you wish to be transparent is the first color in the palette.

Once this is done, save your palette. Give it a name you'll remember.

Paste your image into GIMP.

Image -> Mode -> Indexed...

Radio button: Use custom palette.

Select your palette.

Uncheck "remove unused colors from colormap".


That should do it for you. Just save it as a BMP after that. (Or PNG. If PNG doesn't work, do BMP.)