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    I stumbled upon ROM hacking when I was an immature, worthless idiot. A petulant child. I grew to appreciate it -- indeed, my aspirations at the time were to become a game programmer -- but my naivety and stupidity got me banned from the relevant forum before I could learn anything interesting. At around the same time, I learned of the... illegitimacy... of the design medium, and that -- given my naivety at the time -- frightened me out of my mind.

    Many years later, I decided to try and research glitch Pokemon in Pokemon Red, back when I actually cared about places like Wikia's PokeWiki. ROMs seemed well-suited for the purpose, so I downloaded them and -- just for the heck of it -- several modding tools as well. I quickly grew bored of my investigations, however, and stopped. I'd barely even touched the hacking tools.

    Many, many months later -- about two and a half weeks ago, could be more (my memory has no sense of time) -- I decided to try out hacking again, seeing as I had plenty of ROMs, numerous tools well-suited for the purpose, and a large amount of boredom. My favourite kind of design is environment design, so I started in AMap. Google brought me here; I used this site mostly for documentation for a week or two, and I eventually created an account so that I could download tools more easily. I quickly graduated into scripting with XSE, and I've dabbled in more advanced fields as well. Here I am, weeks later, still hacking and still enjoying it. We'll see how long that lasts.
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