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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
The funniest thing happened at school. One of the county board members who is known for her extreme homophobia came by our campus to discuss something about taxes. She used a public restroom there, so some lesbian students who live in her district decided that they'd ask her why she is homophobic. She stormed out of the restroom yelling that they tried to rape her. The woman is like 80 years old.
Hold on.. how do you know what actually happened in the restroom? ._. They're not allowed to put cameras in there..
@_@ Though if that is true.. it's quite ridiculous. I'm very sad that homophobia and discrimination exists.. :c..

As for sexuality.. I like TornZero's response with "To me, "sexuality" is the broad term that refers to sexual orientation, gender identity, and romantic orientation."
However, I would even go so far as to say someone's identity.. and not just their gender identity. Sex is natural for humans and therefore that's why/ how I can see it is part of their identity.
I guess to better understand what I mean.. take Samantha from Sex in the City for example; her sexuality plays a huge role in her character.. and although sexuality doesn't necessarily has to be public, I feel it still affects who you are as a person :3

Just my thoughts <3
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