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Dear Anonymous,

What we once had, is long gone. It's been gone for a while and it's just at the point where it cannot be held onto anymore. It's become a distant memory, yet it comes and goes into my mind. What we had, what we shared, the time we had, all those memories, now just seem like nothing anymore. I don't know why I hold onto these memories, maybe because I cherished what we had, I was true to you, I did everything I could to make you happy, putting your own happiness infront of mine. One by one, I see each person who has been pushed away or has been forgotten by you and even witness the suffering of someone who was once dear to you because of your selfish actions. But as like me, they've learnt to forget. But to forgive? No, I don't think they could ever forgive you. Nor will I ever be able to forgive you for that incident. But it's funny, because of that, it's bought me closer to that person, yet has driven me further away from you. I don't judge you as a person, just your actions and what it had caused and the corruption to go with it. Even though I will still see you, I will just smile and wave as a friendly gesture, but that is all. We won't talk like we use to, so deep into feeling and emotion. I opened my whole world to you, told you things about my life I have never told anyone else, yet the past year or so, slowly my mind has closed up and I started telling you less and started talking to you less. Whether you still care about me or not, it does not concern me anymore, because like you have made me feel, you're just a small figment of my memory now. It's sad to think that all the memories we once shared, are nothing to you anymore, because you have chosen to let go of it all. I don't mean anything to you anymore. You got to where you are, and forgot about everything we had fought for, everything we had done together, everything that has brought you to where you are now. I gave you the choice and I see what you have chosen. I don't want to be apart of your world anymore, I don't want to waste my feelings on someone who couldn't care less about me. Where were you when my life was crumbling into pieces, where were you when I needed someone to talk to, where were you when I needed someone to lean on. I've had enough of it, I've made up my mind. As much as it hurts me to do this, I have no other choice because of how you are now, and I do not want to continue to feel hurt or emotional suffering, asking myself the question, what did I do wrong? You don't know how much it hurts inside to let it all go. Someone I had once cared for so deeply, I have to let go like a drop of rain into the ocean. But I see how I am in your life now, and with this, all I can say is, goodbye and I hope you enjoy your life without me, because I am no longer an importance in your life and I never will be again.

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