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    Title of Story: Adventures In Unova - All Battlers
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: Twins Adam and Amelia go on their pokemon adventure around Unova, also going to the Battle Dome.
    Genre: Pokemon? Adventure?
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG but may get a bit bad, probs not.
    Type of mentor needed: Proofreader, Plot or comprehensive.
    Writing sample of story:
    The twins were ten and it was their eleventh birthday that exact day. Amelia got dressed in a blue top and a pair of denim trousers. She brushed her long brown hair into a tight ponytail. She put a clip in her hair and you could finally see her bright brown eyes. She went to brush her teeth.

    Adam got dressed in a green top and a pair of brown trousers. He quickly combed his blonde hair and brushed his teeth.

    They walked downstairs to see their sister cooking some eggs and toast.

    “Wow, that looks nice!” said Amelia.

    “Yes, it does!” replied Adam.

    “Good. You better eat it. I thought you were already gone, you were so slow!” said Alice sarcastically.
    She gave them their food and they ate it quickly.

    “Bye!” they said in unison, and they were gone in a flash. They ran to the Professor’s lab and went in.

    “Hello, I’m Professor Juniper. You are the Karl Twins, right?” she asked.

    “Right!” the twins said in unison, yet again.

    “What pokemon would you like? There is a wildcard, if you would like.” said Juniper.
    Both children ran to a Pokeball. Adam chose Snivy and Amelia chose the wildcard which was Lillipup.

    Professor Juniper smiled at them and gave them some Pokeballs. She gave Amelia a blue Pokedex and C-Gear and Alex green ones.
    “Thanks, Professor!” said Amelia.

    “What she said.” said Adam,

    They both walked up and out of the door. They smiled at each other.

    “Together, or go our own ways?” asked Adam.
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