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Just had another amazing gym match, this time with Morty. He had no problem killing my Croconaw and nearly killed Flaffy before I switched quickly to Togepi to sacrifice it to revive/heal as much as possible.

Gengar was already paralyized, so I took down his attack and realized the Gengar wouldn't be able to faint Togepi because ghost attacks won't hit it, and Sucker Punch wouldn't do it either. It was seriously a 25 minute battle, with me using Extrasensory to slowly whittle it down while Morty used potions to heal. I couldn't switch out because of Mean Look, and had to deal with hypnosis slowing me down. Eventually I had to use an Ether to replenish Extrasensory or else it would have been a cripple battle.

The Gengar actually started to use Struggle before Togepi got it to faint. So my Lv. 5 Togepi beat the Lv. 25 Gengar.

Probably the most amazing in-game battle I've had in years. The funny thing is I almost boxed Togepi/Gastly before the match but decided I might need them to sacrifice for healing, and I was right. I'm tempted to keep Togepi now, but I don't think I'll have room for it after I add an Ursaring and decide what I need to add to round out my team. I'll probably add a Ninetails instead.

Still, I haven't been this pumped over a Pokemon game in a long time.

Team as of Ecruteak:
Croconaw, Lv. 25
Flaffy, Lv. 26
Geodude, Lv. 26
Crobat, Lv. 26
Gastly, Lv. 7
Togepi, Lv. 5 (Grew to level 9 after the battle)