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Use this thread as the area to reserve any clubs that you want to create and post ideas for new clubs you want to see. To reserve making a club, just post saying that you'd like to create a certain club and it will be reserved for you for one week! In the time period, no one else can create the club, giving you first priority on being the owner of the club you desire.

- Follow all of the community's rules and the Pokemon Club's rules.
- Please keep all posts constructive!
- If someone has already posted an idea for a club which you would also like to create, please message the original poster first!
- All reservations must be posted in this thread or are not valid.
- You have to wait a week between reserving clubs.
- You can only reserve one club at a time!

If you notice the list isn't up-to-date, make sure to contact a Pokemon Clubs moderator and we'll get right on it! c:

Current Reservations
Clubs To Be Made:
A list of club ideas for people who are lost on what club to make. If you have any ideas that aren't listed her, feel free to post them in this thread. Don't use this list to check whether a club is free to be made or not, since it isn't consistently updated. Instead use the index above.

Type-specific Clubs
  • Ground
  • Ghost
  • Grass
  • Normal
  • Rock

Generation Specific Clubs
  • Generation 1
  • Generation 2

Character Specific Clubs
  • Brock
  • Cilan
  • Coordinators
  • Iris
  • May
  • Team Galactic
  • Elite 4
  • Frontier Brains
  • Ingo & Emmet
  • Pokegirls
  • The Striaton Trio
  • Team Plasma
Other Clubs
  • Forest Pokemon
  • Defensive Pokemon
  • Fast Pokemon
  • Slow Pokemon
  • Gothic/Scary Pokemon
  • Seasonal Pokemon
  • Weather Pokemon
  • Primate Pokemon
  • Fish Pokemon
  • Forest Pokemon
  • Urban Pokemon
  • Mountainous/Alpine Pokemon
  • Underrated Pokemon
  • Tough Pokemon
  • Certain Colour Group Pokemon
  • Various Pokémon Families