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    I wanted to share this, in hoping that it may attract some people. Hope everyone understood this!

    "I used to wonder, ever since we met,
    What can I do to make you like me more?
    What can I do to make you hug me more?
    I used to always, always wonder.

    What if I became clear like water?
    You could see all of me.
    But no,
    Then I would slip through your fingers
    And wouldn’t be able to be hugged.

    What if I became intense like lightning?
    I could protect you from any harm.
    But no,
    Then even you would be afraid
    And I wouldn’t be able to be by your side anymore.

    What if I became passionate like fire?
    I could make you warm in the cold.
    But no,
    Then I would probably get too excited
    And hurt you with my flames.

    What if I became silent like the moon?
    I wouldn’t be able to walk in the light,
    But I could help you by hiding in the shadows.
    But no,
    Then you would forget about me.

    What if I became bright like the sun?
    No matter how dark the road was,
    I could shine a light on it for you.
    But no,
    Then I would be the one to stand out, not you.

    What if I became calm like nature?
    I could kindly hold you when you were uneasy.
    But no,
    Then I wouldn’t be able
    To be spoilt anymore.

    What if I became sharp like ice?
    We could fight battles together and become stronger.
    But no,
    Then I would melt in the warmth of your chest,
    When it was time to make up.

    I wondered a lot,
    And then you said to me,
    “You don’t have to try this hard,
    Because you are the one that I love the most.”

    I was so happy that day,
    I love you too.

    Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
    o.O I didn't think anybody would take it this seriously, lol. But nice!
    I wasn't THAT serious lol

    If you pay attention to the species, aka classifications, of the Pokemon in the Pokedex, they very well tell you what they are. The classifications of those of Vulpix & Ninetales(Fox), Meowth(Scratch Cat), Persian(Classy Cat Pokemon), Growlithe(Puppy) tell you straight forward what THEY are, even though we can tell by just looking at them. Here are what the Eeveelutions are listed as:

    Eevee- Evolution
    Vaporeon- Bubble Jet
    Jolteon- Lightning
    Flareon- Flame
    Espeon- Sun
    Umbreon- Moonlight
    Leafeon- Verdant
    Glaceon- Fresh Snow

    As you can see, it doesn't say Lightning Cat or Flame Fox or Sunny Cat and so on. So in all honesty, I think they are all mixed with traits from Cats, Dogs, Foxes, and possibly Wolves and we may just not know about its species fully 100%, ever.