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Helloooo! Can this grass enthusiast join this awesome cluuuuuub?

Name: Meganium90
Partner Pokemon: [OMG THIS IS SHOCKING. Not going for Meganium. Why? I know it's my favorite, but right now I am obsessed with the Pokemon Leavanny. <3] I'm choosing Leavanny!
Reason for joining: I've loved grass-types since I started playing Pokemon. The Chikorita line was the first few grass-types that I ever liked. And today I learn to appreciate every single grass-type out there, especially the 5th generation grass-types.

If you were to be able to adopt any feature or characteristic of a grass type pokemon, what would it be and why?

I'll have to go with Curious' response and use the ability to recover in sunlight. Without sunlight, It'd be difficult for me to fight back when in battle, or use my attacks. For grass-types, the sun is like... our best friend. xD

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