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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post

Where do you think the names Latias and Latios came from?


The Eon Twins can fly faster than a Jet plane itself. But where do I think the name originate from? The name originate from a Latin word, 'Lateo.' Which means:

  1. lie hidden lurk
  2. live a retired life
  3. escape notice

And they both are twins but they are completely opposite in so many ways. The 'A' suffix is mainly describe toward female, hence, Nidorina, while the 'O' suffix is mainly describe toward male, hence, Nidorino.

Now that I answered the topic, I want to also point out an interesting fact about these Eon Twins:

  • Inspiration from the philosophy of yin and yang
  • Based on aeons in Gnosticism
  • ^ Being that certain aeons are immaterial beings of concepts existing in pairs of males and females emanated from God and one another
  • Species is "Eon," as you may know, but are also based on birds!
  • Latias (NOT Latios included) has a 'shared origin' with Blaziken, which could be based on Junglefowl