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    Which cute Pokemon would you like to have as a pet? Why?

    I will name the top 5 Pokemon I think that are the absolute cutest and necessary to have as pets!!!!! Some won't be on the list but I'm sure many will agree they are cute too!

    #1- Pikachu and Pichu
    The cute cheek and cute size mouse, is everyone's favorite Pokemon. Pikachu is for certain the best mascot for Pokemon, not only because it's Ash's Pokemon, but it's because its cuteness is off the chart!

    #2 Eevee & Family-
    It's fluffy, it's adorable, it's the perfect pet anyone can have! Definitely cheerful, playful and ESPECIALLY the perfect Pokemon to cuddle with.


    #3 Vulpix And Ninetales-
    Vulpix's cuteness is beyond adorable. She can keep you warm at nice, she can definitely run around like a normal animal to be playful with. Not to mention she's a Fox. My favorite animal! Ninetales is an even bigger version, and something you could possibly ride on as a horse if it's strong enough! xD

    #4 Zorua-
    Exactly the same reason as Vulpix, with its fox traits. I don't see any difference between the two besides the design and types when searching for them as pets.

    #5 Mew-
    How can you deny this cutest Legendary of all time? It barely just topnotch out-cute Victini & Celebi as they follow Mew on the list of #6 & #7, respectively. Pokemon: The First Movie, is all you need is the reason to consider Mew as the most amazing pet ever.