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Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
Do you think Eevee should be used more in the anime or given as a starter in future games?
When I was young, I was hoping Ash would use an Eevee in his party. I didn't quite understand why he wouldn't get an Eevee for his team. We've seen Gary and quite a few side characters that have Eevee, but why not Ash?

If we can, in a future topic, could we discuss about which Eeveelution is perfect for Ash? Just a suggestion...xD
I guess it would be hard for them to decide what Eevee should evolve into. Ash is the main character after all and won't leave the main cast after the region finishes. I wish he got a Vaporeon though (or better yet Misty.)

Also congratulations for club of the month!