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    Which Eeveelution is perfect for Ash?
    Let's see here. Vaporeon would be more toward Misty. May had Glaceon. Leafeon seems to suit Cilan more. Umbreon is just to dark for the like of Ash, may go with Tracy best. With Brock once using Vulpix/Ninetales, Flareon seem to suit him the best. I can see Dawn have Leafeon, but Espeon would suited perfectly as well for her.

    So that leaves two Pokemon remaining, am I correct? Eevee and Jolteon. Well if like Ash's Pikachu, Eevee wouldn't like to be evolved. HA! With Gary having Eevee early one, might as well go with Jolteon.

    So Jolteon would be a perfect fit for Ash, in my opinion. I do think Leafeon ties with Jolteon for the best chance for Ash however. Jolteon being Pikachu's same typing and all, Jolteon's design just seem to be suiting to Ash's personality a bit. But Leafeon also goes to Ash's caring nature.