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I finally get to join the best club on PC! ;D

Name: AlexOzzyCake
Your Partner Pokemon: Buizel & Gyarados
Why do you like Water-Types? I know this reason's boring, but it's just because of how cool they look. I don't really care about how they fare in battle etc, but they're often very uniquely designed and have interesting quirks in their anatomy which I find very cool. For example I recently found out that Poliwag's skin is see-through when wet and you can see its organs as a result; its quirks like this that only Water types really have which make them a very interesting type.
Admission Fee Paid: 5 PokeDollars The rest can go to charity

This seems to be the current topic...

Your favorite water-type move? Why is it your favorite?

I know it's a boring one, but I like Aqua Jet. As I said before I don't really care much about the battling side of things when it comes to favourites, but Aqua Jet is such a powerful and crisp move that just looks utterly amazing when performed correctly. And after watching Ash & Oshawott bond over perfecting the move, it'll always be a huge favourite of mine.