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    Originally Posted by break View Post
    another user informed me that there is some kind of java error that happends while playing this hack on a mac.

    * i am looking into this now *

    so works perfectly on any windows operation system.

    oh, and what emulator are you using on your mac ?
    I'll look into this a tiny bit. I typically use Gambatte (pretty much the best GB/GBC specific emulator hands down beating out VBA on any platform, besides the VBA-M version for Mac won't run any GB/GBC games for me) for emulating this. ALSO, for mac patching use Multipatch. It's Lunar IPS and a lot more for mac, basically. You can find both with a quick search.

    EDIT: Working perfectly so far on Gambatte and GBCoid, I've gone through the first battle and up to getting the Pokedex with no errors at all. I have no idea what's causing this... is everyone else on mac using one certain emulator?
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