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I WANT TO REPLY to Lightning's wall of text. I just need time. D:

Originally Posted by Stand Alone View Post
Yeah. Pretty sure. I know KHI posted an interview with him from Conji 2012 this year where he said he was voicing a "...relatively small role in the game that's not out yet... Xehanort. Young Xehanort?" or something to that effect... Granted, he was grinning ear to ear when he said "small role," so he might have just been being pretty facetious about the size of the part, idk =b
It's also in most of the KH wikis, even in IMDb so it's been a really huge rumor. I actually sat through the whole Anime Conji 2012 interview, caught him saying that. I really think he was only referring to BBS. He doesn't sound like YMX in the KH3D trailer at all. It would be a surprise if it really was him.

Honestly though YMX didn't sound that good.

Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
I skimmed through it. my head hurts hahah.

Oh yeah about Days, I forgot about that, but yeah.
Sora's voice seems a bit off imo, like HJO's voice but it feels like it isnt, and Lea sounds off too a tiny bit Idk if quinn flynn returned as Lea, but idk. We'll see. and YMX is David WHUT!?
I'm currently working on a reply for it right now, haha.

It's still HJO based on that same interview I linked above. He probably hasn't done the voice this long for quite a while and maybe was out of practice. Lea still sounds the same, in my opinion.
Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
HJO sounds like he's trying to make Sora sound younger. He's growing up too fast for Sora who's only aged like 2 years tops since he first started voicing him, haha. I think Flynn sounds pretty normal. Maybe a little deeper than in the last few games but doesn't sound changed enough to be a different voice actor. Then again, I am NOT used to hearing him as Axel anymore. XD; Keiji Fujiwara is the Axel in my head now, haha.
This. I did notice he sounds as if he raised Sora's voice a little, or just made his delivery of lines more child-like. And that's understandable. You pretty much play the games in Japanese most of the time. XD

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
That is rather cute those to voice actors are married though *cutenesss will kill me*
This was a pleasant thing I recently found out from Lightning. So cute.

Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Totally agree with this! I haven't bought any of the DLC because I feel like it's such a rip off :/ It's not even like they released them to expand the world after people had finished - since the first lot was released so soon after the game. If the Lightning/Snow one does actually have a definitive ending I will be kind of gutted, although I thought the normal ending was actually quite good.
I heard the normal ending was horrible. It just paved way for DLCs and cemented the fact that most of FFXIII-2 was just a pile of scraps from all the "This feature will be unlocked by an upcoming DLC." or something. And I hear the last DLC has an even worse ending. D:

What is happening to Final Fantasy? :(

Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
Good news: Kingdom Hearts 3D[Dream Drop Distance]: Mark of Mastery Edition.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D[Dream Drop Distance] Game
  • Set of 5 AR cards that unlock rare Dream Eaters and more
  • Set of 12 art cards reflection the exciting history of the series
  • Special KINGDOM HEARTS-branded Nintendo 3DS protector Case

It;'s 54.99 (from what someone told me). Since Japan got around 100+ dollar but it had KH3D, KHdays, and KHCoded with the Art Cards, and Protective case, and such. We aren't getting the games but Kh3D, and we are getting 5 dream eater ar cards, which japan got 2 in the game (frist print), and the special edition, and the 3DS bundle edition in Japan.
I probably won't get this. I really want that case and the rare Dream Eaters but yeah. :'(

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Apparently they do not have definitive endings so the only person I know who actually bought them thinks there will be a FFXIII-3. I don't know what to feel about this.

I hated the ending.
Everyone dies out of nowhere, they don't explain what's going on, and they drop you a cliffhanger with "to be continued". Then you run around collecting all the Paradox Endings and the only extra scene you get hints that Etro (was that the name of the goddess?) isn't actually dead and offers NO closure. And apparently the Snow DLC doesn't even explain what his new focus is all about? x_X If there's one thing I expected from these, it was closure on at least some of the things in the game, if not the whole thing.

Definitely not buying them.
That was quite expected. Not that anyone would buy all the DLC that probably sums up to almost twice the price of the game itself.

It's like they have a warped version of rewarding the player, by not giving them a clear ending where the heroes succeed, which would have left you a warm impression that you did not waste all those hours poured into the game to see the ending. I mean, that's how it was always supposed to work. I don't get it. D:

Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
I haven't done all the Paradox endings but I was under the impression (I think from an interview or something?) that the final ending is the 'true' ending and that there will be no sequel.

The 'To Be Continued' thing is likely in reference to the paradox events / DLC rather than the story itself. Depending on when Versus is set it could also be referenced then? I would rather not have XIII-3. Ivalice was much better than Pulse/Cocoon.
Ivalice > Pulse/Cocoon. I sure wish they realize this. I don't even want them to make a sequel in the FFXIII universe anymore. :( Unless they unbelievably pull it off well enough.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I'm pretty sure they said somewhere that they didn't really have plans for a XIII-3 which is why I assumed the DLC had to finish everything up.

I'd be okay with the ending if they hadn't tossed that "to be continued" in.
Well, okay, no, I wouldn't be okay with the ending. That is just depressing. Lightning is annoyingly stubborn when it comes to Serah. There's no way she's just lay down her arms and sit around if she knew something would happen to Serah if everything was fixed. Maybe that's all that's explained . But I'm pretty sure right at the end when Serah sees the changed future and dies because of it, it's implied that it's because the future changed again, so she's seeing a new future rather than the one that's supposed to be.

Unless that's just how I choose to interpret it because it's kind of depressing to go through the whole game just to have everyone die at the end. :(

Well, plenty of games don't really have endings, but it's just rarely RPGs with heavy story. :P I'd have expected this from FFXIII since I never felt its story was very strong, but XIII-2 handled things so much better all the way up to the end. I just felt the end was very inappropriate/unfitting given the rest of the game.
Gah. They were probably making the game without a definitive ending. I'm sure it was all okay until the idea of DLCs hit them.

It's sad because I actually liked FFXIII's battle system. It almost looked as if they improved it in the sequel.