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    Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
    I found a bug when I was going to the Battle Tower in Olivine City, yes I beat the Elite 4, but once I entered there and accepted the challenge, the lady took me to the room where I am supposed to battle, and it froze there. And when am I supposed to return to Kanto, because I went to Kanto and returned to Johto, and it's been hours since I returned to Johto and the Sailor won't let me go, he says
    For the first bit, it not finished yet. Don't forget that this is a hack of Firered and not Crystal . So no battle tower yet. But there is a berry tower you can go to in the mean time! Tough battles there too, it is in between blackthorn and the ice cave.

    As for your second you have to keep entering and re-entering the area until it rains. Then he should let you get on board. If it still wont work just use the rain . The one at Saffron.
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