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Originally Posted by Serial ATA View Post
Perfect remake of Pokemon Crystal, I congratulate the team for this excellent work. I have a question, though, and it's about relearning old moves. Is it possible, and where can I find the person? Thanks in advance.
Every Pokécentre has a computer in the upper left corner (except perhaps the Pokécom centres in Goldenrod And Leaf Bay) which will reteach your Pokémon's old moves for free. It's only active after you enter Ecruteak's Pokécentre though.

Originally Posted by The Number One View Post
Okay, so I have the SS ticket and am trying to get into the undersea express. the guy says that I missed the last train and I cannot get in any time I try. The clock always says 12:00 Am on monday and I cannot change that. What do I do?
Change to an emulator with RTC support. If you're already using an emulator with RTC support, it may not be turned on. To turn it on:
Click Option -> Emulator and make sure that Real Time Clock has a check mark next to it, which indicates that it's turned on.

If is still doesn't work, then you have some issue where the emulator can't read your computer's time.

If you're playing on a flashcart, and it doesn't have an RTC chip, then you are screwed, quite simply.
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