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First of all a major thanks to the developers for this amazing storyline and gaming experience

Now thing is i am on Valencia Island got the GS ball too BUT it wont let be get on the Undersea Express it always says "you just missed the last train"....the next one supposedly arrives in 10 minutes which never end

Someone help me with this >.>


A few complaints....

The Physical and Special thing has been seperated but the TMs available are all Physical type!The newer versions of the game had to add a lot more TMs to acomodate the split which is not the case in this hack...

We have a tonnes of options for pokemon but not the TMs...I know the guy in cerulean says u can dig for TMs but on some specific day and this game has been killing me on time based events

Cant the thing be changed to say weather based event?

Another word on the TMs/Move tutors something like brick Break aka a good fighting move is necessary! Its good against Normal,Rock,Dark,Steel and Ice types...anyone would have a few pokemon with 1 move reserved for this type

I wouldn't say about flame thrower,Ice beam and Thunderbolt because i think its been mentioned :3

Something like a Move tutor which teaches assorted Special based moves/moves available via TMs on other generations might be good idea...U can add some new currency we get for say beating the berry tower etc which maybe exchanged for berries or be given to this move tutor

About the rains its quite unfair that only water type pokemon stand to get the free weather based bonus...when its sunny does the Fire type moves get bonus too ?Abilities like Swift swim which i think makes water pokemon faster can end a match which u should have won...the grass type too gains from a Sunny weather so it might make the thing quite fair IMO

This might be my first post so its highly unrefined but please take it easy on the newbie :D
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