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    I got a shiny roselia while trying to train for the elite four in platnium. i was shocked XD. um my second shiny i just finished plying soul silver and i wanted to restart with a chikorita. I have started with a cyndaquil. I wanted the chikorita to be female. so after 2 restarts if it being male i restarted again. i was browsing to click on chikorita when i thoguth I saw one of the pokemon seemed odd. I went back and it was a shiny cyndaquil O_O I was shocked lol still want a female Chikorita but im happy with my shiny. it was unexpected. I didnt know you could get a shiny starter XD. I've been playing since the old red and blue and those are my only shiny encounters.

    my little brother has caught 2 shinys too one Ratatta outside of Goldenrod and a Phanpy by Backtorn. He's fairly new to pokemon and he's so lucky!
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