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Rachel "Fox" Worth

Preferred Starter Pokémon



Standing about 5'7'', Rachel isn't exactly the tallest person in the world, but she does not really mind her height much at all. In fact, she never let her height be an excuse of doing what she needs too do. Her height is complemented by her devilish, fiery red hair, which Rachel does not really comb that much, so often enough, one can see her hair in a jumbled up mess. She never really bothered to put her hair in a pigtail or braid it, so she let her long hair drop down towards her mid-shoulders and her mid-back. Her hair also have bangs almost that cover up most of her right eye, but Rachel doesn't mind that at all - she can always blow her hair up back at any time. She hair is also complemented by her black eyes, and her small red eyebrows. Her eyelashes aren't very big, as Rachel never really cared for them much. Her nose isn't all that big either, as one can wonder how a person can have such a tiny nose at all. Rachel also weighs 80 kg, the cause of her recent weight loss being that she started jogging 5 km each morning.

As for her outfit, she generally wears her trademark checkered white and brown scarf wrapped around her neck, as a genuine symbol of her cunning and adaptive personality. She also wears a ruby-red t-shirt underneath her scarf, that has a yellow star-like pattern on it. Her shirt is also pretty short - in fact, it's so short that her cute little inner belly button is showing. For her bottom attire, she wears white jean-like pants that just reach towards past her knee-caps, supported by a red belt. For her footwear, she wears a pair of brown sandals supported by one buckle for each foot.

Rachel Worth - Let Me Laugh At The Cool

Three cards...

The local jazz club was undoubtedly popular. By day, schools and musicians from all over the country would practice and play for the audience who resided there. It is indeed a happy, carefree place for music. However, by night... all the rules change.

...Two Cards...

There is a certain legend that is only spread in the underground. The while the certain building is a music club in broad daylight, it becomes a popular poker house by night. As one were to enter the club at night, they would notice that there is a broad bar sitting just past the non-handled doors. As the sounds of bongos and saxophones play, people would talk a certain rumor.

"They say about the lady ain't lost in 5 years," one would say. "Weird as she might be, she's one hell of a player."

...One Card...

More over past the bar, lies a cold, poorly-lit room always had a faint music-oriented feel to it. The only reason for that was because there was a lone saxophone standing against the cold, wooden cabinet. However, the importance of this room was for a cover-up; the saxophone in this room represented the peaceful, yet calm feel of jazz if one were to play it at night - at least to the untrained mind. No; what this room was really for...

Showdown time.

It was for poker.

The poker table was filled with three people: two were poker players, and one was the poker dealer. One of those poker players especially, was Rachel Worth - an experienced poker player who seemed cute and absent-minded on the outside, was all cunning on the inside. Hence why she was given the nickname, 'The Fox'. From the sandals on her feet to the scarf wrapped around her neck, she had an aura that always seemed to trip cocky poker players at first, only for them to gag at her unmatched poker talent - a talent that became unrivaled in five long years. At least, that's what the rumors say.

"Full house!" Rachel declared as she slapped her cards face-up on the poker table. She revealed that she had a two-par of fours, and a three pair of fives, has she then wrapped her arms. "CHECKMATE. I sunk your battleship."

The opponent slapped his hand vigorously on the table in his frustrations as he then quickly rise up from the chair he was sitting on, and rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. The card dealer then picked up the cards on the table, as well as some loose cards on the floor from the defeated opponent's anger.

"Fox, I don't know how you do it," the card dealer said, busy collecting each card to re-make a deck. "You take the word 'moron' to a whole 'nother level, redefining it and such, yet you kick a lot of ass. If I may, I dare say, your a crazy, lucky bastard."

"Silly cranky pants," Rachel said with a giggle. "It's called 'skill'. Not 'luck'. Silly cranky pants."

"Still calling me by that ridiculous name just to piss me off, eh?" the dealer asked in somewhat vain. "Fine, I take back what I said. Your just an ass."

"Come on, I'm too sexy to be a donkey! You know that!" Rachel said with a open smile, as the dealer shook her head in childish disgust. "By the way, while your at it, can you be a doll, and get me a nice, cold beer?"

"And I should, because?"

"Because... I'm your best buddy?"

"Go to hell."


That all changed in the next morning where Rachel received a phone call, asking her to come to a strange mansion that she hasn't seen before. This wasn't really an odd request to Rachel; she received dozens of request to be at specific places discreetly, either to play jazz at a local coffee
cafe, or to play poker against somebody underground. She had her friend, the card dealer, behind her, carrying her saxophone in it's casing. Rachel rang the doorbell as a butler came to open the door, letting the two of them inside. As they went inside the living room, she saw a man with a coat and black pants, seeming like he was waiting for them.

"Hello there, can I help you?" Rachel asked, greeting the stranger. "I can play the play the saxophone for you in any request you want, but it's going to cost ya."

"I hear talk your quite the gamer." the gentleman said, rising up from the couch.

"I'm sorry, I don't know that song," Rachel explained, after five brief seconds of deep trying-to-remember thought. "Can you possibly hum it for me? Maybe I can still play it."

"That's not exactly what I meant Rachel," the man said, as he gave a sharp look towards Rachel. "The only tune I want to hear, is the sounds of cards slapped on the table. Catch my drift?"

"Ah... so you're a customer," Rachel said, figuring out the man's plight, as she took on a whole new cunning persona. "You know, I'm glad you invited me. I've been itching for more people to meet for a while now. The girl next to me is about as interesting as that thing she keeps in her drawer."

"Please excuse her," the dealer said with a sigh as the man and Rachel sat down on towards both ends of the coffee table, as the dealer started dealing out the cards. "Monkey did not have her banana today."

"Two cards... One card..." Rachel whispered to herself as the dealer had finally dealt all the cards for their hands. "It's showdown time. Don't worry about money by the way. I don't play with money. It's all just for the sport of it all."

"Yes, I know." the man said as the game begun.


As the game went on, it became apparent to the man that he was outclassed. Thank god he didn't have to pay in money or else he'd have to start stripping.

"The rumors are true," the man said. "You are as good as they say, Rachel 'Fox' Worth."

"Don't ask me how I started. I can't remember," Rachel explained. "But I suppose it was like, one day, a boy challenged me to this mystical card game where the loser would have to strip. After the game, well, let's just say 'flash' is what we call him even now."

"Haha, just as I suspected," the man said with a chuckle. "I am the villain and you are the hero. I guess all the amateurs you played were villains too... even the ones who are just children. I guess the villains, as they looked upon each of their opponents, wanted to play for stakes out of kindness for the sport. They can retract that kindness if they wished, but then who is the villain?"

"Um... the villains would still be the villains." Rachel responded as the man then blinked.

"No, that was a rhetorical question." the man explained.

"Yes, and I gave you a rhetorical answer." Rachel said.

"Good lord, I have to hear this crap everyday..." the card dealer scoffed to herself quietly as she reached for her drink.

"In any case," the man continued as the game went on. "I haven't introduced myself haven't I? My name is Jude. Jude Laughner. My eyes are only for the greatest of treasures."

"Really?" Rachel asked. "What does treasure seeker like you want with me?"

"Oh, I've always wanted to meet the lady who resides famously here," Jude explained. "It was near impossible to invite you since I normally did not have a taste of playing poker or even jazz... until I eventually started to learn. I started hearing your name from the lips of many people, hence why I invited her here today."

"I see. Treasures, eh?" Rachel repeated. "You know, I have heard about the treasure about the lost spirit bomb just the other day."

"What are you yammering on about?" the dealer asked.

"I'm talking about ghosts!"


"Yeah, you know, spirits... ghosts...?"

"What do ghosts have to do with this?"


The card dealer was speechless. "That's... that's god-damn stupid!" she remarked. "Don't you get tired of being stupid?"

"Are you sure I'm not being rhetorical?" Rachel asked. "Cause I damn sure I know how to be rhetorical."

"God, it's like you just use random words to make yourself sound smarter."

"Now you're just acting transcendent."

"That's it," the dealer said as she got up and started to storm out of the room. "I need a smoke. Enjoy the game."

As the door slammed behind her, the man known as Jude had a small chuckle with Rachel before being back on topic and back on the game. "You two sure get along swimmingly," Jude mocked. "Just swimmingly."

"Yeah, she loves me." Rachel smiled as she played a couple of cards and drew from the card pile.

"Tell me, how are you with working in jobs?" Jude then asked. "You don't seem to make much money here, do you?"

"Well, it's true that we usually don't play for money," Rachel explained. "However, more serious players would bring their money to play for keeps anyway. It's sad really. Their... seriousness."

"Right, but, how would you think if say... you've worked for me?" Jude asked as he drew from the card pile. "A real money-earned job?"

"Depends on the job I guess," Rachel said. "I don't like jobs that hurt parts of my body - including my ribs. Mmmmm... ribs..."

"Don't worry. Just call it... a game," Jude explained. " Have you heard of 'Treasure of All Treasures', the Holy Grail of Pandora; the Treasure of the Four Brothers?"

"There are four brothers? Are they nice?" Rachel asked.

"Moving right along," Jude continued. "How would you like to travel to a place called Pandora to get it for me?"

"Pandora?" Rachel repeated.

"Oh, it's a fun place," Jude said with a smile. "No human has set there for a long time, leaving pokemon there to build it all. Think of it as another game."

"I do hope all these games don't require any extra tokens," Rachel hoped. "Because I don't the the coins for all that."

"Not to worry. I am offering half from all the findings you find in this little adventure. Oh but do be warned - you might... face some competition." as Jude said that tidbit, he placed his cards face up on the table, revealing them. "Two pair. So? What do you say?"

"Three words," Rachel replied as she then revealed her cards on the table. "Ace-high-straight."

"I guess I lost."

"No," Rachel said with an open smile. "I think we both won. I accept your offer."


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