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I will come back and pretty this up as well as finish it! :3

Name: Julius Rupert Smith
Preferred Starter Pokémon: Koffing!
Appearance: Julius, is at best, a dirty little worm.

Oh, you wanted a more descriptive and informative answer? Well all right. Let’s start off with the basic stuff. Julius is a thin although very muscular bastard, and stands at about five feet five inches. His skin could be most compared with that of the Irish, fair leaning towards a bit pale, and is accompanied with orange unkempt shoulder-length head hair that likes to spike in random directions and a long pointed beard that still, but not as religiously, follows the same pattern as the rest of his hair. His face makes him look a bit younger than eighteen, but when hearing his deep voice, the record is set straight to be years older. He has a strange, implacable accent to his tongue; someone in the real world might think it’s between Scottish and Australian with a hint of Boston thrown in for good measure. His sentence structure is off and strange, and it's perfectly okay if you have no idea what he says. He has a medium-sized mole of the right side of his neck that’s very noticed when he turns his neck. You’ll usually find him patched in some kind of dirt of filth. He likes it that way, and says that’s one of the reasons his skin looks as good as it does.

For clothing, Julius usually throws on whatever he can find or suits his fancy when he needs something new. He usually just keeps what he has on until it gets ruined. And that can be a long time, mind you. He loves to travel light, so one can usually find him in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with no shoes or something to a similar effect (and always dirty.) One of the permanent things in his ensemble is the satchel he has slung around his shoulder and fastened to his waist through belt loops. Inside he keeps several matches and strange tiny logs that are like sandpaper to the touch, as well as a scruffy white hooded robe for entering civilization. He uses this robe very often, and may just keep it on when heading back out. Hey, it’s comfy and nice to the touch.

On his body, it’s pretty hard to pass by the fact he has a numerous amounts of healed scars as well. When asked about them, he might just smile and leave it at that.

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