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This is purely amazing Skymin! I don't know if I need to reserve or not but here's my placeholder!

EDIT: Finished appearance! Now to do the sample.

Alan Destin


To begin, Alan is the average young man in terms of appearance. Weighing at nearly 150 lbs and standing at six foot exactly, he is typically seen as someone with a somewhat lean and athletic build. Moving onto his short, black hair, he typically leaves it in a sort of messy style, though he does comb it on when a special occasion calls for it. He does have a tendency to keep his face clean-shaven as it seems to leave him even more messy looking then needed. His eyes are a shade of light blue, sky-blue to be exact. They seem to emanate a distinct calm from within him, and well, that's who he is. A calm person. Nonetheless, the blue eyes and black hair happen to be in complete contrast with his colorless skin. However, his skin is unblemished, a good thing as it would be fairly noticeable.

Clothing happens to be the next thing on the agenda and just like his physical appearance, it seems to be a very general compared to people his age. To start, Alan wears blackish-blue Carbon jeans, occasionally with the factory-made holes, though they are typically without. Next, we move onto his top set of clothing. In most cases, or in other words, the warmer months, Alan wears a simple T-shirt, usually adorned with graphics related to a new, hit band or some cool design. As things become colder, Alan will wear more. Usually, it is merely his black, zip-up hoodie, usually zipped about halfway up, or his brown jacket with both buttons and a zipper. Finally, his outfit is finished by a pair of black Adidas-brand running shoes.

Lastly, Alan's look is finished off with his few accessories. He is known to wear black, fingerless gloves, great for grip when it is needed. To reduce glare, Alan possesses a pair of sunglasses with silver rims and the usual dark-tinted lenses. He also tends to wear a black belt with an elliptical, gold belt buckle, which is connected to a silver wallet chain. His last accessory however, is a necklace with a Tanzanite gem, the only heirloom received from his deceased mother.

Roleplay Sample:

Pandora. A region who's unbelievable stories were always regarded as mythical in nature. A sort of Atlantis type mystery that no one would be able to solve. It was a place that was wanted by all, but seen by none, which ultimately gave it it's mythical status. However, those who believed that the region was a mere fairy tale have now been proven wrong. Just six weeks ago, a man who was regarded as one of the world's most aspiring scientists had mysteriously died after nearly thirty years of being gone, the coordinates of the region being the only thing left behind.

Or at least, that's what Alan recently heard. Personally, he didn't know what to make of the whole ordeal. For the longest time, he had known of Pandora as he believed in mermaids, simply stories. Call him cynical, but he was edging towards the more realistic side of things unless proven otherwise. The proof was exactly what he got.

Less than five days before, he had received an email from a man known simply as Jude Laughner. The subject simply read Pandora and the actually message hadn't said much either.

"Hello Alan Destin,
My name is Jude Laughner and while you may have never heard of me, I have heard much of you. Anyways, I'll get straight to the point. I require your useful skills for something I have planned. While I will not disclose everything in an email, I will request a meeting this Friday at the Moo Moo Cafe in Viridian City. I have attached multiple overhead pictures of the newly discovered Pandora region. Hopefully, this will spark your interest at the very least!

Jude Laughner
It would have been an odd message to many other people, but to Alan, it was actually one of his normal requests. You see, Alan was a Tracker. A person who's sole job was to track down his client;s lost possessions and Pokemon with only his own Pokemon and instincts. However, including the idea of Pandora simply made it more mysterious. Was he looking for something there? Or was it some kind of a trick? Either way, Alan agreed to the meeting, after all, what could happen at a place like Moo Moo Cafe.

Obviously though, Alan did need to know a little about the man before actually attending the meeting. Luckily, Alan knew of the all-knowing being known as Google. Through this, he was able to find out exactly what he needed to. Jude Laughner was a world-renown, and successful, treasure hunter as well as one of those eccentric rich people. So he wants me to find a treasure, thought Alan, at Pandora? Jude wanted him to go to the very place he wasn't sure existed, merely for more money.

Now knowing what he needed to know, Alan began on his way Of course, residing in the same neighborhood as the Cafe made the trip quite short and efficient, or so he thought. For some reason, Viridian's many streets seemed to be a bit to crowded. Sighing, he made his way down the street, eventually cutting through one or two alleys before finally spotting the establishment. With that said, Alan walked into the restaurant only a couple minutes later, his eyes set on a middle-aged man who's clothes seemed to be rather casual, his hand waving as he spotted the newcomer. This must be Mr. Laughner, thought Alan. After all, he's one of the only people here I don't recognize. Alan made his way over, sitting down as he stated a polite, "Hello, Mr. Laughner."

"Oh, no need with the formalities, Alan," said the man, a wide smile across his face. "Simply call me Jude. I went ahead and ordered you some Moo Moo Milk just moments ago. But now that we have our short introductions aside, I am requesting your assistance in something of what I believe to be of utmost importance. So, to get more to the poi-"

"Wait. Just wait a minute. You want me to go to Pandora, don't you?"

"Well, as a matter of fact I do."

"Mr. Laugh-" he began before stopping himself. "Jude. How exactly would I know that Pandora actually exists? I mean, and not to be to rude, but the pictures you sent me and the videos on all of the news channels could all be CGI, am I wrong?"

At first, Jude merely smiled as he looked at the young man, his thoughts hidden before he actually answered. "Unfortunately Alan, I honestly can't prove that the pictures were fake until you see it. I do understand your skepticism, but at the same time I promise on my honor that I am telling you the truth."

But would trusting him be the smartest choice, thought Alan. Obviously, he looks quite trustworthy, but should I really take the chance? "One more question. How do you, a rich treasure hunter, know about a small town tracker who has only traveled through one region?"

"Ah, I expected you to ask that. To be honest, I hadn't known about you until quite recently. You see, I was actually visiting the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion when I began talking to the club's chairperson. For some reason, I told him about my plans and before I knew it, he recommended you for it. I don't exactly remember why, but he had said something about a lost Master Ball in one of the unexplored parts of Diglett Tunnel. Not only did he say you found it, but you actually returned it. Honestly, I know most people would have taken the rare item and ran. It proved to me that you are very skilled in what you do, but also that Alan, you are a trustworthy young man.

"However, I do understand that he seems to exaggerate quite a bit. So just to be sure, I tracked down multiple other clients of yours who all said the same exact things, ranging from a lost Aron deep within the Viridian Forest to an Experience Share that had been dropped in a pond at the Safari Zone. And you know what the most interesting thing about it all was? I had learned that you didn't even use an ItemFinder, only your own knowledge and instinct. It sounded unorthodox at first, but you managed to pull it off every time. I applaud you."

Fortunately, the chairperson didn't exaggerate when he told this story. The emphasis on this. It was all true. However, he was still a bit worrisome, though after the praise, Alan decided he would hear it out. "Please continue Jude."

Smiling, the man did just that. "So, I assume you've heard of Pandora's many stories as all of us have. Fortunately, we only have one story to worry about. It is the tail of the four brothers who ruled the region. It is said that at the end of their reign, they hid their treasures in an unknown place there. Now that Pandora's proven to exist, I believe the same as the treasures. As I stated before, you have found many lost possessions and Pokemon and I have contemplated over a single thought ever since I found this all out. With your skills, I think that you can find the treasure without too much trouble.

"Of course, I will fund the trip as to not harm what expenses you possess, however I have a single requirement. I will receive half of the treasure. I must also state that I have tracked down several other trainers and treasure hunters who have a chance as well, making this trip somewhat of a race. However, even if you fail, I know that you could easily see this as a great vacation and well as an unique adventure.

"If you have any more thoughts or questions, I'd be happy to answer it," said the man, his smile still on his face.

"Just one. Will you always smile like you are now?" It was obviously said in a joking manner, however Alan did feel some sort of creepiness from it.

"Only if you would like me to. Have you found your answer?"

Alan honestly didn't know what to say immediately and let his thoughts start their typical process. On one hand, the trip could be strenuous and useless, while on the other, it could result in an amazing adventure and huge riches. But what to do? The odds were that there was no harm to him and only chances for greatness. Sighing, Alan gave the man his answer.

"Jude. It seems that you have pulled my arm on this, especially with the little complement you gave me. So with that said, as long as you smile a tad less, I'm in."

"That may be a bit hard for me," answered the older man. "But I agree to your terms. Now, what Pokemon would you like to be your new partner?"

Sighing, Alan started up once again. "So you mean that I can't use my own Pokemon? That basically means I'm starting almost completely over."

"Well, several of the other people do not own a Pokemon and in order to make this race a bit more even, I have decided to give you all one Pokemon to accompany you. Are you worried Alan? I'd completely understand if you decided not to go."

"Don't worry. However, if you plan on telling anyone else about your race, maybe start off with that as the first requirement."

"I'll take that under consideration," said Jude with a laugh. "Nonetheless, I'll still waiting on your answer."
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