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Name: Rin Shavi
Preferred Starter Pokémon:

Appearance: Rin has long, glistening Blood Red hair streaked with Bright Yellow down the middle that flows down to her thighs. Her face, while smooth, isn't flawless. She has a scar on her forehead that is a Light Tan color, heavily contrasting with her Dark Bronze skin. She has small lips, but something of a large mouth. Rin has vertical scars going down from above her eyelids to below her lower eye sockets on each eye. Rin's irises are a Dark Blue color, but her wide eyes seem to show hues of red. Her slender neck leads into a thicker, more chiseled build. A muscular girl, Rin's tall build makes her physically trained body stand out, though she is not so muscular that one couldn't call her thin. Her hands are small and her nails are long and painted yellow with acrylic paint. Her arms show years of toiling and training, while her legs are thinner and less toned. Her chest is slightly small for someone of her size.

Rin's attire consists mostly of erratic, random colors that tend to clash and "not go together" to the more experienced eye; having said that, one wouldn't need to be very experienced to notice Rin's eccentric sense of fashion. Around her neck she wears a small tan cape that goes slightly below her shoulders, and covering the top of it is an Ocean Blue Wool Scarf, something she wears regardless of of weather or temperature. On her lower half she wears what could only be described as the bottom of a tight black jumpsuit. She wears a cream colored blouse with frills on the bottom (the bottom being a little lower than her waist). She wears a very small fanny back on the back of her waist (hidden under her blouse) for convenience, she also has a small teal backpack that she takes with her on occasion. She wears white fingerless leather gloves on her hands and doesn't wear shoes most of the time.

Trouncing the Deviant Contradiction
Pandora, a place where dreams come true! Pandora, a place where the fist doesn't exist. Pandora, a place where death flirts with euphoria. Pandora, a place unknown to us.

A flood of thoughts creating a mystical "Oz" formed from fables and myths. There were no eyes to tell the truth, thus leaving a dubious individual to blend cliche stories with stark fantasy. It was, without a doubt, unlikely that a place created from the minds of many actually existed, that there actually existed a place that was filled with adventure and where dreams come true, but it didn't matter much. This was Pandora, simply an idea floating around in the mind of a woman coming of age. Rin, the ignorant voyager of the sea of delusions. "Waha! You've done it again professor! Reinvigorating the lost dreams of a little girl!" Rin finished climbing the hill she had been scaling. "Still, you don't talk much anymore," she said, inserting her pinkie into her ear and proceeding to clean it. "Then again, up until about a month ago you didn't talk much, anyway." No one responded to her words. No one even reacted to her words. Frankly speaking, there was no one to react to her words- no one that a normal person could see, at least.

Rin stretched her arms and legs. "C'mon Ardie, gimme a hint; gimme a clue; gimme something that'll help me find the Land of Nightmares!" The "Land of Nightmares" being an on-the-spot nickname for Pandora. "Oh!" She said, taking out a Pokegear from her fanny pack. She turned to a channel on her Radio add-on that discussed the Pandora announcement 24/7.

"-edly one can get there by ferry, you'd think it would have been found ear-" said the speaker before Rin shut off the Radio. She'd indeed heard how to get there, but coordinates weren't her thing, and she didn't fare well when it came to the use of maps at least, not when precision of that magnitude was involved. She looked off of the hill that she was standing on to see a group of people, three people, moving through the forest below. "Oooh," she said in a devious voice, licking her lips. "Looks like we've got some volunteers." Out of her fanny pack she took out a Combat Knife and Tennis Shoes, the latter of which she put on. She slid down the hill and onto the path in front of the travelers. She took a offensive position and said "All right, I'm here recruiting for the S.S. Pandora, and you three are going to be my first-mates!" She smiled a devilish smile and bore her pearly whites. The man in the middle didn't falter, and the others with him, rather than cowering in fear, threw out pokeballs containing two Scyther, both of which put their arms to her neck. She laughed a slightly desperate laugh and her expression changed completely to one of despair.

"Pandora? Actually, we were on our way to Laughner's right now," said the man in the middle. "Having said that, you look like a great candidate for being one of his "hired" adventurers, and we really don't need any more competition." Rin assessed the situation: there were three able bodied men standing in front of her and two scythers with their pincers to her neck. Rather than try and escape, a little sleight of hand might have been necessary. "Also, there's a nice little bounty on your head, and people would love to see you incarcerated." Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in Rin's head, and her face exhibited this.

"Wait a minute, you must be students of Ardie!"

"A-Ardie?" replied the man in the center. "Who the heck is Ardie?"

"Of course! No wonder he doesn't talk so much anymore, he doesn't need to, he must have sent you guys to talk to me." She disregarded the scythers' pincers, walked under them, and then over to the men. She stopped at an uncomfortably close distance between the man standing in the center. "So tell me, do you know where Ardie is? Do you know where Pandora is?" The men were still confused until the man on the right whispered into the talkative man's ear.

"By any chance would you be talking about Dr. Arden Stone?" The girl nodded her head vigorously. He looked back to the man on his left, then to the one on his right, moved back a step, and cleared his throat. "I'm sorry to inform you that Professor Arden Stone is dead, there are a few theories as to how he died, but, unfortunately, he is most certainly..." he once again cleared his throat. "...he is most certainly dead." After his saying this, all that could be heard were a few Chatots singing in the distance and a Seviper making its rounds. Then, a gigantic outburst of tears.

"No! It can't be true! Ardie...Ardie can't be dead!" She yelled, falling to her knees. After a few moments, the men in the back returned their scythers; the bright haired girl in front of them had clearly lost the will to fight. The man in front moved in to tie her hands when she brought her knife to his neck. The other two men were unable to act, lest her hostage be killed. "Okay, now here's the deal, you're going to take this map," She reached into her backpack with her other hand and took out a rolled up map of the region. "And you're going to mark down where I can find this Jude Laughner fellow." The man being accosted swallowed and reached out for the map. "Not you!" She yelled. She looked at the man on the left and motioned for him to do it. The man slowly took the map and unrolled it.

"I...I don't have a pen on me..." He said, sweat dripping from his brow and embarrassment shown on his face.

"A treasure hunter that doesn't have a writing utensil? I find that pretty hard to believe." Rin said with a snicker. "Alright then..." she quickly brought the knife from the man's neck to her left pointer finger and then quickly brought it back to the man's neck. "C'mere." The man with the map walked over and Rin dripped some of the blood from her finger onto his own finger and said, "Mark it with blood, it looks prettier that way, anyway." The man's face clearly showed disgust. Really, all of her company's faces showed some sort of fear, queasiness, or disgust at what she just did. She licked her finger and then said, "All right, gimme names." The men weren't quick to respond, it was quite the abrupt and random question, but she was serious.

"I-I' name's Jameson," said the man in the front. "The one to your left is Halbert, and the one to your right is Kaiden."

Rin nodded, and said to Halbert "You might want to hurry up, or my hand might slip and then there would be a storm of Crimson Rain. Trust me, you don't want that to happen." Halbert dotted an area on the map with Rin's blood and then handed it back to her. "Put it in my backpack and then zip it up." Halbert did as she said and then he returned to his place behind Jameson. She looked over the three and then smiled. "All right, just one last thing." She spun Jameson around so that he was in front of her and facing his men and kept the knife at his neck at a horizontal angle. She started patting him down, out of his right pocket she took his PokeNav "If you guys are screwing with me, I'll find out, and I'll find you. Of course, that's not to say that I'll have the upper hand, next time." Out of his left rear pocket she took a note. She opened the note with her free hand, and as she did, Jameson started to sweat profusely. It was an invitation to meet with Jude Laughner. Her smile grew even larger, and she almost started to laugh. She jumped back and said "Well, gentlemen, it's been a pleasure." She curtsied the men. "Ciao!" She then ran off into the forest.
After a few hours of running and resting, Rin reached a large building. This building was a hotel, but a high class one, probably incredibly expensive as well. "Whoa! This must be his palace!" She said with glimmering eyes, hopping in place out of excitement. Clearly, she'd returned to her original bubbly persona with a hyperactive imagination. She walked up to the entrance to see two guards in place. This guy must be the real deal. She thought to herself. The guards studied her carefully as she walked inside, but she disregarded their glares and walked in. Inside she was overtaken by the luxury of the hotel. The lobby was filled with expensive items, a very professional looking band was playing orchestra level music in a corner, and due to the structure of the particular level of the building, the acoustics made the music all the more pleasing. The personnel of the development were very professional, and unlike the guards outside, they did not give her dubious looks, they even greeted her on entry. Rin started to feel poor and small, but she bore the atmosphere as best she could and went to the front desk. "Excuse me, I'd like to meet with a man by the name of Jude Laughner." Her bubbly personality that existed not long before was once again nowhere in sight.

"Ah, yes, you will find him at the top floor, chances are he is awaiting your arrival," replied the manager, who was in charge of the front desk.

Rin bowed and thanked the manager and made her way to the elevator. Inside was an elevator assistant, who asked her which floor she would like to visit. She replied that she would like to go to the top floor, and the man complied. Her face was a bright red, she wasn't normally one to care what others thought of her, and really the people working in the building didn't show their thoughts outwardly, it was their job not to, but she couldn't help but feel "inappropriate" in such a paradise of superiority. As the elevator rose, she looked at the floor of the elevator, gasping at each bump in the elevator's journey travel towards the Heavens. When she arrived she bowed and thanked the assistant and then turned to see her destination. What she saw took her breath away; despite being the top floor, it had a lobby, and following that was the actual room itself. She walked towards the room and came up to two guards.

"Invitation, please," the men said, simultaneously. Rin wasn't actually sure if it would work, but she opened her backpack and pulled out the invitation that she had stolen from Jameson earlier and handed it to the guard on the right. He scanned the invitation, often looking back up to scan Rin. "Miss, how exactly did you come into possession of this invitation?"

"It was my father's, but I was always the dreamer of my family," she said. "He gave it to me since I always showed more interest in finding the land of Pandora than he did."

"Your father is Jameson Schriver?" The other man asked.

"Unfortunately. Chances are he just wants to use me for money or some crap like that- pardon my language. He was generally that type of man, the type of person to mask his own ambitions to seem as if they were my own desires."

The men looked at each other and then the one on the right said, "For safety purposes, we're going to have to ask you to allow us to hold on to your backpack and fanny pack. Afterwards we will conduct a body search and you will be allowed in." Rin was hesitant, but she nodded and handed them her items. She then undressed and they patted her down. Once she redressed, she was given her invitation and entered the room. The room was unbelievably large, it was filled with objects that she wasn't even sure money could buy. From what the invitation said, Jude was a treasure hunter, and those must have been treasures that he had either not sold yet or had no intention of selling. Lined on the walls were several guards, equally distant from one another. Their stillness and silence made them almost seem like statues, and if they didn't blink then Rin probably would have thought that's exactly what they were.

"Please, take a seat!" said a grinning figure at the other side of the room, sitting behind a desk in an extravagant and unnecessarily large chair. She uncomfortably walked over to the chair in the middle of the other side of his desk. He sat back in his chair and said, "May I see your invitation, ma'am?" "Ma'am?" This guy's being entirely too polite to someone of my social class. She thought, with a small sprouting smile on her face. She handed Jude the invitation and he read it over. Several times. He then looked to her and said, "I see, so I take it you must be Jameson's daughter. How is he, these days?"

"Terrible, as usual. Did you know him personally?" She replied.

"No, not personally, but I'd heard of him. He was a treasure hunter of some renown," He said, taking a sip of his coffee on his desk.

"Really? I didn't know that he was famous."

"Not exactly famous, but he is known, especially among other treasure hunters. Oh my, how rude of me. Would you like some coffee?"

"No, but thank you for offering." She said, her face turning red.

Jude took another sip of his coffee and said, "My, you are quite talented." A puzzled look appeared on Rin's face. "Talented in lying, I mean. You handled it without faltering, almost as if you had planned out exactly what you were going to say before this point."

"Y-you knew?" she said, taken aback by his discovery.

"Yes, and the guards outside knew this as well."

"Then why did they let me inside?"

"All they asked for was an invitation, who you were was of none of their business. Even still, anyone else might have thought that you really were his daughter." He said, sitting back in his chair and crossing his arms.

" did you know, exactly?" Rin asked, her face becoming more melancholic by the minute.

"It's simple, really. Jameson doesn't have any children." He said, promptly laughing heartily. At these words, Rin's eyes (and her heart) fell to the floor. "Cheer up, dear, that was merely a joke. The real reason is a little more in depth than that. Actually, we weren't one hundred percent sure you were lying, either, especially after you said, 'Chances are he just wants to use me for money or some crap like that- pardon my language. He was generally that type of man, the type of person to mask his own ambitions to seem as if they were my own desires,' because in truth, he was that type of person. However, we heard that he had been robbed not long before you arrived. Put two and two together, and you must have been the culprit. Oh, but we won't turn you in, thanks to your little performance."

He reached under his desk and placed in front of her a bag containing several items. Rin looked at him, confused, and said, "What is this?"

"I want you to journey to Pandora and search for the mysterious treasure that has eluded humanity for so long. I'm sure you've heard of it, so I'm here to propose a deal to you. You will journey to Pandora and find said treasure, but in return, I gain half of the profits. This bag will not only enable you to travel there, but it will also aid you in your mission and exploration. Do you accept?"

Rin didn't respond immediately, she couldn't, she was stunned. This was a dream come true, she had hoped to go to Pandora for her entire life, and now she was being given a free invitation (so to speak). "YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!" she yelled in an embarrassingly loud voice.

"Very well. Then I wish you luck, miss..." Her name eluded him, which was not surprising, since she hadn't truly nor formally introduced herself, yet.

"Rin, my name is Rin Shavi, at your service."
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