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October Felicia Carter -


Standing in at around five foot nine inches, October is on par in height with her female peers, while standing close to shoulder height with the male peers she surrounds herself with. Her long, flowing, soft Auburn hair falls down to shoulder height, resting on her shoulders and flowing over until the tips pass her clavicle. For the majority of the time, she wears her hair down, but when things begin to get competitive or intense, she will tie her hair back in a ponytail to keep it from annoying her face with a black rubber band she wears on her right wrist constantly. Her fringe falls over her forehead, just brushing the slightly darker and thin auburn eyebrows that arc over her distinctly blue eyes. Ice cold in one instance and calming in the other, October's eyes really are the windows into her soul as they aptly reflect her mood; a fuller-bodied blue when calm, a pale, ice blue when aggravated or concentrating or a darker, rich blue when happy or feeling another emotion similar to elation. Complimenting her somewhat prominent cheekbones lies a petite nose that follows on into thin lips giving her the common Caucasian "oval" facial structure. Fitting into the "lean" stereotype, October weighs close to sixty-three kilograms, looking toned rather than muscular or skeletal. Her love for being outside has tanned her skin a nice rich colour; darker than her inherent pale skin. Thin, dexterous fingers like at the end of her hands, perfect for fiddling with electronics and make-up and good or reaching into tight places. Her fingernails are usually varnished in a cracked black nail polish.

As far as accessorising goes, October makes sure she looks her best whenever going out. Her smoke stained teeth are hidden by temporary whitening that lasts little over a day which she emphasises with crimson red lipstick to make her lips look fuller. Often she will curl and lengthen her eyelashes before going out to a big event, however she usually skips this during everyday affairs. She wears subtle eye-shadow to help emphasise those blue eyes of hers. Her skin remains smooth due to the moisturising of her skin she does on a daily basis, including the shaving of her arms and legs. Moving on from her make up, October wears a small crystal pendant made of Hematite strung around her neck that rests on her chest. On any one of her fingers lies three rings; the first a plain silver band; a present from her father for her twenty-first birthday, the second a gold band inlaid with three emeralds; a present to herself for graduating, and the third and final being a faux-gold band inlaid with Unown carvings spelling out her name; a gift from her younger sister one year.

Clothing is the final issue. October always tries to make her outfits adhere to the seasons as well as the weather, but commonly finds them adhering more to her emotional status than the former. On warmer and happier days, she likes to wear knee length skirts and some sort of shirt than clings tightly to her body; the sleeves coming halfway up between her elbow and shoulder. Small diamond earrings are usually adorned in each ear, hanging just below her earlobe. Her shoes in this instance are usually one of the many pairs and colours of flats she has obtained over the years. On colder and unhappier days, he prefers to dress in jeans, which, like her summer tops, cling to her legs and quite often a pair of denim blue or black Chuck Tailors. Often on these days she will wear a long sleeved shirt, but if the weather permits, she does adorn a hooded sweatshirt and a leather jacket if it happens to be raining. Lighter brighter colours are usually her style on brighter days while darker, almost monochromatic colours on colder days. Most of her clothing is mono-coloured except for her hooded jerseys which often contain symbols of labels old and new.

October Carter - Days Gone Bye

The incessant buzzing filled the room as light streamed through the cracks in the closed blinds. After a minute the phone went silent yet it wasn't long after until it's incessant buzzing again filled the room waking the sleeping figure wrapped up in the turquoise sheets and puffy duvet. Blindly she fumbled for the communications device that sat on her bedside table, vibrating furiously and flashing it's display. With a casual flick of her wrist she flung the head of the red cellular phone open, accepting the call and putting the phone to her ear; letting out a sigh of discomfort before asking angrily who was ringing her.

"October, boy I have the job for you!" Came the disturbingly happy voice from the other end of the phone. After a string of cursing an obscenities on her behalf, the caller spoke again, "Okay, I understand, I'll meet you at our coffee shop, same time as before?"

"Sure," October mumbled half awake before closing the lid to her phone and throwing it halfway across the room. Curling back up into a ball amidst the pillows, duvet and blankets, resting within the warm nest she had built herself under the folds of sleep.

She was allowed another two hours of sleep before her phone buzzed again, this time it was only a single buzz, announcing the arrival of a text message. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she reached over more carefully this time, picking up the phone and sliding it's face upwards to reveal the qwerty keypad hidden beneath. This phone was black in colour, and a different model to the phone she had cast across the room. A message flashed across the screen:

>>From : Laughner, Jude
>>12:17pm, Friday
>>I know you. Time to get up and get ready for coffee!!! xD

October groaned at the horrible use of smilies the man had used in his message, his eccentricies aside, the man was a genuine fruit basket; but you had to be if you were to become even somewhat successful at treasure hunting. Probably one of the many people she wish she had not met, October had done a couple of errands for Laughner before; many of which had required her to step out of her comfort zone and also take some "less pleasant" options in order to get done what needed to be. Nether less, the man had paid out what he said he would and October was still happily living on what she had received from one of her previous errands.

>>To : Laughner, Jude
>> 12:23pm, Friday
>>You're an ass. See you soon.

Yawning widely and stretching her arms out after swinging her feet out of the bed, October proceeded to get up and get ready; opening up the blinds allowing light to flood the room; temporarily blinding herself in the process. She hadn't made any plans for today, not that she rarely did on any other day, however meeting with Laughner was not something on the top of her priorities list. Still, a little extra money wouldn't hurt and so within the hour she managed to have a shower; washing and conditioning her hair as well as shaving her legs, apply make up; a little bit of eye shadow, deep pink lipstick and a fresh coat of black cracked nail polish, and dress in weather appropriate clothing.

The breeze was soft against her face as she made he way onto the busy street in front of her apartment building. It caught he hair in small licks, lifting up a couple of strands before placing them back down in another location; ruffling her skirt as well. Looking into the sky, she smiled at the fine weather Vermilion City was having this time of year; the Wingull skwarking loudly as they sailed the upward drafts high above the port. The breeze carried with it the smell of salt and sea; a somewhat relaxing smell to October. Heading south towards the port, October walked merely down the street, puzzling what kind of dysfunctional adventure Laughner was sending her on this time, also relishing the prospect of quenching the thirst to get away from the seaside city. Not that she had anything against Vermilion City, she enjoyed it immensely, but every so often, October needed excitement in her life, the rush and thrill as adrenaline coursed it's way through her veins.

On the side-walk, down trodden newspapers proclaimed weeks old coverage of the discoveries on Pandora, even front page articles on the late Professor Arden Stone and his miraculous discovery. In shop windows were television sets updating news on whatever the latest discovery was on Pandora and how that affected the world as they knew it. While she was grateful for the discoveries, October had no particular interest in the lore nor the discoveries that had been made on Pandora; the one's hidden beneath their own feet drew the majority of her tension. Still, there was something inside her that made her think this could be what Laughner wanted to talk to her about.

"...It seems right up his alley..." October mumbled to herself as she turned from the shadow clad street onto the boulevard that stretched along the bank of Vermilion Beach. Behind her foghorns blasted loudly as another cruiseship made it's way from Vermilion Port and children played amongst the Krabby and Staryu on the seashore.

Krabby Koffee was a small cafe on the corner of Vermilion Boulevard and South Street; a nice antique courtyard rested in the sunlight streaming into the front of the cafe where patrons could sit, discuss and bath in the sunlight. At a table off to the side sat a lone man, stretched back against his chair as the sunlight played across his brown coat clad body. Even in this lovely weather Laughner had managed to wear jeans, a coat and a pair of shaded glasses; how the man managed to live in that clothing astounded and confounded October.

Taking the seat opposite, and furtherest away, from the treasure hunter, October ordered herself a Mochaccino from the teenage waiter who came hurrying over to serve her. Waiving the waiter off at his anxiety to disrupt the seemingly sleeping Laughner, October took the initiate to throw several packets of raw sugar and artificial sweetener at the relaxing man opposite her.

"What do you want?" October was not going to tolerate any of the nonsense and beating around the bush he had tried the first time they had met.

"What I want, is you." Laughner said, moving nothing but his lips.

October flung another packet of raw sugar at the man who merely swatted it aside as if it was a pesky fly. "I barely managed to survive the Baltoy attach in Hoenn last time! Do you really expect me to come to your aid after that?!"

"Come on, what about Unova?"

"Unova? You mean ditching me in the middle of Chargestone Cave to go chasing after a Manetric?!"

"Hey! In my defence, it looked like Raikou when it moved." Laughner was now no longer leaning back on his chair, instead he was sitting up straight, hands in the air as if October held a gun to his chest.

"Raikou is over a foot taller, you idiot!"

"I want you to go to Pandora for me!" He suddenly blurted, catching October in her tracks. She was stunned as if she was reliving the nightmare of a time she had in Chargestone Cave, the gut feeling she had been having today had finally come true and she did not like it at all. "I want you to find the 'Treasure of All Treasures', the Holy Grail of Pandora; the Treasure of the Four Brothers."

October began shaking her head, any time she had gotten into a dealing with the man, he had often escaped unharmed when the going got tough, leaving October behind to fend for herself and pick up his mess. "No-no-no-no-no!" she exclaimed furiously. "I swore after Hoenn I would never, ever pick up another job from you." October as breathing heavily, the good mood she had been in walking towards the coffee shop now shattered into a million pieces.

During their argument, the waiter had dropped off October's mochaccino which had now rapidly cooled with the setting sun. She took a sip of the lukewarm liquid as Laughner began speaking again, "I've hired other's too, it's up to you whether you work with them or without them."

"Amateurs," she scoffed, "so how does it work then?"

A smile crept over Laughner's cracked face, "I knew you would be keen! You just can't stand that I would hire others! You're so predictable, Miss Carter. As of the details, I shall text you tomorrow morning with regards to where we shall meet..." after a brief pause he continued, "'s nice to be working with you again."

"Yeah, well screw you too," she replied as he left his seat, disappearing off into the sunlight leaving October to down her mochaccino, finally in peace.
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