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    Name: Antonio Chambers

    Preferred Starter Pokémon: Cranidos


    Antonio is what many people would call average looking. He is only 5’7 with a medium built and hardly any muscle tone but instead a huge nasty scar on the left side of his chest. He has beautiful skin, which has a butterscotch tone. The beautiful skin would be perfect if it wasn’t for a few scars here and there. The most noticeable one (other than the one on his chest) is the deep cut under his right eye, he received from a Seviper when he was younger.
    Antonio has long thick, spikey hair that reaches all the way do to his lower back. His hair is brown with a reddish tint, giving it a auburn color in the right lighting. He is usually seen with it wildly decorating his head and covering his eyes but when he needs to be serious it gets pulled back into a ponytail.

    Antonio less favorite quality is his feminine face. He has a face that wouldn’t even intimidate a fly, no matter how mad or upset he tries to look. He has a soft voice, which sounds like he hasn’t even pass puberty yet, and small soft lips. The craziest quality to him that he has would have to go to his partially slanted pink eyes. He has pearly white teeth with unusually sharp canine teeth that look as if when he closes his mouth, he would bite straight through his bottom lip. When he smiles he appears as if he is a human- Arcanine hybrid.

    He likes to wear hot and baggy clothing. He also likes to dress up in a suit and tie for those formal moments. His usually attire is graphic red sweatshirt with a pair of baggy black jeans, iron to the crease if possible. He loves sneakers but for adventures, he wears his trusty construction boots. He wears glasses with a white tint placed in the lens to block out the sun’s beaming rays. He is big hat lover, so he is known to wear many different types of sports caps, even on adventures, he would rather buy a new one then wear the same one the whole trip. He carries a red and black knapsack.

    RP Sample:

    The sun seemed to beam down and decorate Veilstone City just right for a Thursday afternoon. Antonio was surely enjoying it as he sat under a beautiful oak tree reading a book on Pokémon adventures. His hair flew freely as the wind breeze through it and swept through the small gathering of people out that noon. Antonio loved read the journey stories, alwaysputting his self in the trainer’s shoes, praying for the day to get his chance. He was fully into the book as the main character was going to catch a Garchomp, when a shadow eclipsed his reading. He cleared his throat before saying,” Your in my way.” He never even looked up at the visitor.

    “Excuse me, I am looking for a Antonio Chambers?” An older gentleman’s voice questioned.

    Hearing his full name, caused him to give the man his full attention. When he looked up, he saw a mysterious man in an overcoat and hat pulled down over his face. “How do you know me and what do you want?” Antonio said getting up to get in a fighting stance. The man was a little taller than him, and he could also tell the man was older. He really didn’t want to fight the older man, but if push came to shove he would defend his self.

    “My name is Jude Laguhner,” As soon as the man’s words left his lips, Antonio knew exactly who he was. “I am a …”

    “You’re that greed treasure hunter, I heard about you around the mall.” He interrupted. “So like I said before how do you know me and what do you want?”

    Jude chuckled at the young man. “How do I know you, you ask? Well thats because I know your father, Damian Chambers." This response received a puzzled look from the youth. His father was a big adventurer and love to go and explore different regions. His father wasn't extremely well known or league champion or anything but he was a great trainer and an amazing battler. he was snapped out of his thoughts as Jude continued. "Your father has done many of missions for me and thats why he would have been my first choice for this one but i heard he out over seas. Sooo I decide to get the next best thing, you."

    Antonio thought about it and said," But, why me? I don't even own a Pokémon?"

    "That may be true, but you are the best student in your entire school and also haves a practice battle record of 70-3. Which, I must say, is certainly amazing. I also know you have gotten into trouble numerous of times for 'borrowing' Pokémon from your school for personal training." Jude smiled.

    Antonio was in total shock. "How do you know all this stuff?"

    Jude chuckled before saying, "Money, my dear boy. Money can buy anything in this world, especially information."

    Antonio looked puzzled and astonished. After a couple of seconds of taking it in he finally spoke. "So what do you want from me?"

    Jude chuckled at the young man. “What I want you ask? Well its simple really I just want you to complete a mission for me that’s all, just like your father used to. You do complete this mission for me and I will make you a very rich man.” His smiled as his eyes barreled into the pink-eyed child.

    The boy paused for a second before answering him. “No thanks.”

    The answer almost made Jude faint. He has never seen nobody turn down money in his line of duty. He was always surrounded by greed backstabbers. For this kid to exist is almost like a myth to him. It was so hard to believe all he could ask the kid was, ”Why?”

    “Simple, I hate money. It creates demons out of people so I don’t want know more then I need. So I'd advise you just to wait for my dad to get back.” He said as he gathered his stuff into his knapsack getting ready to leave.

    Jude started to get nervous as he thought of a way to get the kid to go to Pandora. He knew he didn't have enough time to wait for Damian. True, he already had a few looking for the treasure but in his eyes you can never have enough insurance. As the boy went to walk off, Jude just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “I’ll give you any Pokémon you want to join you on your mission!” The boy stopped in his tracks.

    “What did you just say?” Antonio asked as his body trembled not believing his ears.

    “You heard me, I’ll give you one free Pokémon of your choice. Of course it has to be reasonable now, no legendaries. Now all you have to do is get this treasure for me and…”

    “I’ll do it. If you can get me a Cranidos, then I’ll do it to the fullest extent!” Antonio said excitedly as he thought of owning his favorite Pokémon, Cranidos.

    “Deal. Now you might want to know you will have many opponents and dangerous obstacles but with that you can also catch many Pokémon til your heart explodes!” Jude said playing to the kids emotions. “The only problem is how do I know you will keep up your half of the bargain, if I bring you your Pokémon.”

    “I am a man of my word and my word is all I got. So if you bring me a Cranidos, best believe I’ll bring you any and all treasure on that island and nobody, I mean nobody, will stop me!” Antonio said his eyes hidden behind his glasses showed total determination.

    Jude smiled wide as he walked up to the boy and wrapped his arm around his neck. “Now here is the details..” Jude started as they walked off towards the sun.
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