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.... Julius Rupert Smith ....

Julius is, at best, a dirty little worm.

Why are you looking at me like that? Fine. I’ll give a more “detailed” explanation. Let’s start with his most prominent of features: his face. It’s rather youthful for the age his deep voice might imply, but is balanced in age with a scalp of thick, shoulder-length orange hair accompanied by a long beard that curiously ends in a point like it was some kind of overgrown goatee. His eyes are slightly on the larger side, and are a bit uncomfortably round for anyone with the audacity to make eye contact. Inside them lies an iris crafted out of what seems to be coral reefs or torn cobweb formations colored a shade of blueish-green. Despite having nothing too out of the ordinary otherwise except for maybe thick eyebrows, there is something very disturbed about his mug. He’s always in a more jubilant mood and smiling, too. But there’s always this sense that there’s forbidden cogs constantly meshing in his head that in any sane person’s head would’ve been dismantled and burned years ago. His face is just a tiny glimpse into that clockwork.

....Moving on. The skin with the misfortune to be wrapped around his body is most comparable with the Irish, fair and a bit on the pale side. It’s riddled with healed scars for some reason, but he usually just smiles when confronted about them. It’s also contaminated with several tattoos reminiscent of fires placed in arbitrary places on his body, with no particular reason why he got them beside “I liked the idea.” He stands at a stable five foot five inches, and his physique could make the passing athlete quite jealous. He’s quite the acrobat when he puts it to use, and it seems that his practice at jumping like a crazy mankey madman is to blame for his muscles. He also has a mole on the right side of his neck, and can be very noticeable if he turns his head to the left or looks up. It’s clean and not hairy, so one may think it’s a freckle until they see it up close. Last but not least of the basic stuff top cover is his voice, and as mentioned before, it is quite deep in pitch. His accent though seems to be implacable in his world; but someone from the real world might take a guess that it’s some kind of mixture between Scottish and Australian, with perhaps a dash of Boston and a sprinkle of Canadian. His body moment is rather quick and looks careless. When idle you wouldn't be far off by calling him "dangly" or something to a similar effect.

Despite what you may think so far, he’s no nudist. That’s only in his spare time. He enjoys to travel on the light side, it’s not uncommon to find him in a worn and used pair of shorts and a t-shirt with no shoes when he’s out in the wilderness. If he needs something new or finds something to his fancy he usually takes it and immediately puts it on, keeping it there for weeks to come. One of the more permanent articles in his ensemble is his black satchel, fastened tightly on him through his belt loops and a strap over his shoulder. It contains a rough whiteish hooded robe that he like to throw on in more civilized settings to cover the filth that constantly patterns his body, and despite being on the ruined side, it’s made of very nice fabric and comfortable to wear and touch. Wonder where he got it?

.... Method to the Madness ....

“Yes, my darlin Judie?” Julius quipped back at the man who so rudely snapped him out of his trace moments before.

Laughner was thoroughly curious about the man he just invited over his grand home and allowed into his living room for lunch. He quickly brushed off his vest and re-positioned himself in his chair, bracing for anything this man had to offer. Julius was no doubt useful for what he was about to propose, considering his amazing school transcript and energy, but there was something very off about him. Distracted. Untamed. Perhaps he was undisciplined? His mother was rather frail and submissive looking when Laughner came by to ask for Julius’ presence.

“Please Mr. Smith,” he said. “Call me Laughner. Everybody does. Now, you’re probably wondering-“


Laugner found himself cut off by a loud slurping. The noise was coming from Julius’ lip sucking on the surface of the tea he had asked for, and the sound flooded the room for a good minute before Julius placed the mug down, unable to continue as the tea was too shallow now to be sucked on from the brim, and smacked his lips before blankly staring at Laughner.

“....qute hawt.” He said. Baffled pause presiding, Laugner cleared his throat tried to begin again.

“Like I was saying, you’re-“

Laugner found himself cut off once again by the very same sound, Julius suddenly finding more tea to suckle off the breast that was Laughner’s sanity.

“Please, Mr. Smith, I’m trying to speak. Could you perchance sip a little less.... um, loud?” Laughner said, pursing his lips together, annoyed but in control of himself. He didn’t want to possibly let this man walk away from his deal. Or get him angry and see what he would do. Whatever was more deprecating to the deal or violent.

“Sure I’sa could. But tha wouldn’t be fun, now, eh then? You need ta spice up your life a bit now an’ then.” Julius responded to his companion’s distaste.

“Look, Mr. Smith. I know my appearance in your life is a bit sudden, but I need you to do something for me.” Laughner quickly got out before another disruption plagued the conversation.

“Oh, is that it then? This meeting is a bit mor’ social-alick than bizniss, ain’t it?”


“Sorry to burst that bubble you’sve gotchaself into now Mr. Jude-face, but I’vesa already got meself a wonderful dating companion person person.”

“....You’ve already got yourself a what?”

“A dating buddy! Hur name is Margaret. She’s so pretteh, man. You gotta see hur sometime, eh. She’s all imaginary and howsawhatsit.”

Laughner took a second to process what in the hell what just said to him. After his internal translator got overwhelmed and committed suicide, Laughner attempted to cut to the chase.

“Mr. Smith, I wanted to ask you to go on an exploration trip for me.” He said. Julius gave him a pleased smile and bowed his head a little upon hearing this, and Laughner found himself a tad thrown off.

“Exploration ther, my friend? Where you gonna send me?”


Laughner’s eyes grew with concern when Julius’ body lit up with excitement as it seemed that tiny seizes of nervous electricity shot up from various parts of his body to his neck and into his brain. He clenched his fists and wondered why he thought this was a good idea in the first place. Was this even real? Could someone like this even exist?

“Why me?” Julius finally said once he stopped pulsing.

“Well Mr. Smith, you possess a good amount of intelligence it seems....” Laugner took a short pause to reevaluate that statement, but continued anyway. “and I’m recruiting several people for this mission with all different kinds of talents to make sure the legendary treasure is secured by at least one of them. You might find yourself with an advantage over the others.”

“Do yous even’ need moar treasure?” Julius inquired. Choking on himself a bit, Laughner thought about cutting off this deal before it even began.

“If you don’t want to-“

“I’ll do it.” Julius shot out.

“Y- you will?”

“Yeah. Mother needs a littl’ alone time anywhos.” He said before quickly chugging his tea and carelessly tossing the mug on the carpet beneath them.

“But I haven’t even said what you’ll get for helping me-“

“Doesn’t mattar. Adventur’ is adventur’.” Julius began to walk out of the room quickly while Laughner was still recovering from the sudden quick pace of the conversation. He quickly got up and followed the madman.

“Wait, Mr. Smith, I have supplies for your journey!”

“Oh really, what are they?” Julius said, continuing to walk.

Laugner clapped at his butler. “Kene, quickly, fetch the backpack.” Kene, already set with the backpack, scurried towards Julius. The man quickly swiped the backpack out of Kene’s hands and dumped the contents out into his own satchel, throwing the backpack five feet away towards the wall before quickly opening the elegant door before him and promptly slamming it. Laughner stood in place near the living room doorframe for a few moments, saying nothing. His butler stood dutifully beside him, albeit distracted by the door.

Laugner clutched his head. “Kene.”

“Yes, sir.”

“That man made a Tepig pen out of my chair and tea is on the carpet. Go take care of it.”

“Certainly. Anything else, sir?”

“Yeah. Punch me the next time I get a ‘bright idea’ like this again.”

“No problem.”

Laughner turned back at his leaving butler, whose words were a bit too serious and dark for his taste.

.... Theme Song ....

There's A Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Honey. You Just Haven't Thought Of it Yet. - Panic! At The Disco

.... Notes ....

Decided to post again just so this could be easily seen. :3

Hope the Roleplay Sample is okay and gives enough explanation. If anything needs to be changed or edited, don't hesitate to ask. Also, I trust it's obvious enough my choice is Koffing? XD;
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