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    Name: Robert Hawkins

    Preferred Starter Pokémon:

    Appearance: Robert stands at 5ft 11in, just above the average height for a man. He is of a deceptively lean build. His body is obviously well looked after and it is obvious that he spends the time necessary to stay toned and in shape. Robert keeps his black hair short for practicalities sake. His face is relatively gaunt matching his lean body. Thin lips, a skinny nose and eyebrows which rested in a natural scowl give him a serious look. Betraying this façade of seriousness are the prominent laugh lines marking his skin. His time spent in the sun has left him with a light tan on his face, arms and legs.
    Clothing is a secondary worry for Robert. Practicality is the name of the game here as he dresses in boots, hiking trousers and a trekking shirt when travelling. The shirt will have buttons undone and sleeves rolled up for comfort. This outfit allows ease of movement and is versatile for most weathers and environments. If the wind is particularly cutting of if Robert becomes cold he will begin to layer up with thermals and fleeces depending on how low the temperature has become. The single accessory worn by Robert is a simple leather necklace with the tooth of a long dead pokemon hanging from it.

    Roleplay Sample:
    The stone floor was hard on Robert’s back as he slept.
    “Your wake up call, Doctor Hawkins.” A boot was promptly thrown at the sleeping professor’s head. The lump that was Robert groaned and turned so he could peer at the tent entrance. A silhouette of a man crouched there.
    “Go to hell John. We’re not in a rush. It’ll hardly be going walkies now, will it. Leave me to sleep.” Robert turned back over and closed his eyes.
    “Well Rob, usually I’d be all for you getting your beauty sleep, arceus knows you need it, but the museum gave you a deadline. A deadline I might add that was two days ago.” The voice was further away now and the shadow had left the tent.
    “The museum gave US a deadline John. This is on your head too. Anyway how was I supposed to know we’d need diving gear in a place like this?” Robert sat up and began to dress. “I’ll remember that beauty sleep remark you know. Just you wait. I’ll get you back.”
    “Oh I’m quaking with fear. Get out here and get some food down you. I’ve boiled the bags and used the water for some tea.”
    “Tea?! You never mentioned tea! Give me a moment.” Robert pulled on the boot which had been so kindly used as his alarm clock and exited the tent. Walking over to the man known as John he snatched up his bag of food and began eating. The two men had set up camp in a rather gloomy ruin next to a black pool of water. The only light came from electric lanterns set up around the two tents and a small gas flame from a trangia.
    “Slow down Rob! Anyone would think these damn things were halfway decent the way you eat them!”
    Robert chuckled. “Compared to your cooking? I’d take this pre packaged and processed muck any day of the week!”
    John feigned a look of pain and clutched his chest; “That hurt Rob. That really hurt.” Both young men laughed and continued eating. The kettle boiled over the trangia flame and John gestured for Rob to make it. “Milk, 2 sugars for you isn’t it?”
    “You know I haven’t had sugar in my tea for an age. Well you would if you ever made me a damn cuppa!”
    “I’m feeling charitable today. Here you go.” Rob passed the tea to John. They drank in relative silence. Relaxing in the gloom.

    Rob’s gaze caught sight of something yellow over to one side. “It’s all arrived then?”
    “Yep, came an hour before I woke you.” John stood and walked over to the what turned out to be a yellow canister. “All of it’s set up we just have to suit up and go through checks.”

    They finished their tea and did just that. Pulling on the wet suits and swinging the buoyancy control vests onto their backs. “Air in, Air out, emergency air dump is here.” The men put their mouthpieces in to check the breathing. “No fluctuations on gauge. 200 bar total. Octopus is fine. My BCD releases are here, here and here.” Robert showed John where to release his vest and John did the same. “Oh and my weight belt can be jettisoned like so…” Robert demoed the method of removing the belt. “Torches work? Good. Dive computer is set up but I’m not sure how deep or far it is. We’re winging it here John.” Robert smiled as he pulled on his mask and checked his fin straps.
    “Well just get me back to see my little girl! I’d never forgive you if you held me up!” They both chuckled and Robert nodded.
    “Lets go then!”

    Creeping to the edge the two men jumped into the darkness of the water.
    “Damn I’d wish we’d asked for dry suits.” Thought Robert as the ice cold water enveloped his body. John was busy tying a guide line to the edge of the pool. Robert signalled to descend once he was done.
    The dive was reasonably straight forward. The waterway was lifeless, or at least the life that there was avoided the torch beam. Claustrophobic was the only words that could describe the feeling of being submerged in such an area. Then the walls began to close in slowly as the waterway became narrower. Robert stopped and John did the same behind them. They pulled off the buoyancy vests to stop themselves getting stuck and pushed them ahead of themselves, the yellow of the air cannisters obstructing their view of the tunnel ahead. He checked his dive computer. 50 meters below sea level, if they didn’t start to ascend soon they’d have to turn back. Almost on queue the dive computers alarm signalled they were halfway through the dive if they remained at that depth.
    The two continued on for another five mintues before the tunnel widened and they could put the buoyancy vests back on. Shortly after the tunnel stopped going forward and began to curve upwards. As they ascended more and more light broke through.

    The two men burst through the surface of the water and look around their surroundings. A large cavern filled with statues of ancient pokemon.
    “Looks like we hit the jackpot John!” Robert said as he removed his mouthpiece and dumped his weight belt and buoyancy vest on the sides.
    “Well Dr. Hawkins I wouldn’t be so hasty.” The forboding voice came from a face which appeared in the gloom surrounding the circle of light that surround the small pool.
    Both men groaned. “Damn it Laughner I nearly had to change my wet suit then!” Robert exclaimed.
    “I may have to!” John chuckled before growing serious. “What are you doing here Jude?”
    “Why John, I’m a treasure hunter! Why wouldn’t I be here?” The man chuckled as he sat on the ledge dipping his bare feet into the water.
    “Don’t give us that act. This stuff is hardly worth the effort for you. Anyway I thought you were more into employing others to do your dirty work these days?” Robert was suspicious and made no effort to hide it.
    “You’re right. I haven’t the time for trivial trinkets. No, I came here for you two. I have a job.” The mans face twisted into a grin.
    “I’m sorry Jude we’re not treasure hunters we’re archaeologists. John has a family now. This is his last job before he settles down with a university post.” John nodded in agreement.
    “Well then Robert. I guess Im here for you then. If you’ll just hear me out…” Laughner was cut off by Rob.
    “Laughner! I’ve said no. I know what your jobs are like. Never again.” He sighed. Laughner smiled again.
    “Pandora.” Jude said through his grin.
    “I’m sorry what?” Robert replied.
    “They’ve found it Hawkins. They’ve found it and I want you to go there. “
    Robert remained silent. Shocked.
    “You’ve been away and missed the news I take it. Old Arden Stone was successful. I’ll send the details to your office."
    Jude Laughen began turn to John and said: "Oh and John, I’ll be sending you a small token of my congratulations. Think of it as a late wedding present and a way of saying well done on the new post. They'll be lucky to have you.”
    With that the man released a Kingdra into the pool and dived in after it. Clutching the pokemon it pulled him below the water. The two men were left alone. The light that had been illuminating the pool went out. Only their torch light remained.
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