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    Screw it, I'm bored. Here's an update to my English translation of Light Platinum!

    This will only work if patched to a Ruby 1.0 ROM.

    The patch is too large to upload as an attachment, so I've Sendspaced it again.

    If you get a white screen, you are using the wrong rom, or your emulator is not correctly set. Turn VBA off, delete the Light Platinum.sa1 or .sav file, turn VBA back on, go to Options -> Emulator -> Save Type -> Flash 128k, turn VBA off again, then turn it back on and load the rom once more. If that doesn't work, you are not using a Ruby 1.0 Rom. When looking for it, googling '0907 Ruby 1.0 (U)' might help. I found one on 4shared.

    I will not answer any questions about how to make this work on a phone, PSP, or anything that isn't Visual Boy Advance!

    - All Pokemon except Venipede's line now have the correct base experience and catch rates. Venipede giving tons of experience was something fun and memorable to me, so though it's not as much as before, they still give way more experience than they should.
    - Kenta has been renamed to Gold, and is correctly referred to as Oak's assistant, not his nephew.
    - Pokemon that were unavailable in Mt. Draken due to the wild encounters not working there will now show up in Mt. Shuem (the first area where you use Lava Surf), with Gible in the first area, and Bagon in the final one.
    - Rayner (I think that's the correct name? The Serenity gym leader) will now always show up in the Power Plant. One or two text errors were fixed as well, and Growlithe can now learn HM05 Lava Surf. I did this for Tyranee's Let's Play months ago and never posted it.

    - Don't enter the Normal Rank Contest. --Will not be fixed.
    - You may need to enter and exit the Pokémon Center after Red's Gyarados uses Rain Dance in Esmerald City. --Will not be fixed.
    - Some items may respawn. --Will not be fixed.
    - Pokedex entries and cries have not been changed. --Pokedex may be fixed if I figure out how, cries will not.
    - Yellow Town needs a healing script. --Will be fixed if I figure out how.
    - Wild Pokemon do not appear in Mt. Winter or Mt. Draken --Workaround added, probably will not be fixed as I don't know what's wrong.
    - Buggy events in Lauren. --Probably will not be fixed, as I'd have to tweak the scripts on just about every event in the region.

    Thanks to (in no particular order)...
    - Wesley FG, who made this hack and deserves far, far more credit than I do.
    - Banjora Marxvile, for poking me and for making me take a look at the XP issue.
    - giradialkia, for making awesome music.
    - Sarcastic Prince, for the Kenta thing.
    - Darthatron, HackMew, Lu-Ho, and anyone else who made tools I used.
    - Me!

    This does not mean I am not still open to suggestions. I got impatient and didn't leave time for feedback, I just have other things to do for the next little while and don't want to be thinking about this. Please, if there are any errors that I haven't listed, or if you know how to fix the errors that I have listed, let me know! I'll get back to you guys in a week or two, and if there's enough, I'll just update again!

    Come to think of it, I could probably just do the pokedex entries with A-Text... Hmmm...

    *writes down notes for 1.2*

    Oh, and by the way, I haven't tested this at all. I don't think anything I did would break anything else, and I definitely don't care enough to play through the game again to see. Let me know if it did, though!

    EDIT: If anyone grabbed this in the first five minutes it was up, please redownload, the link was wrong. Thanks!
    The Light Platinum English translation is complete, and can be found here: (1.0, 1.1, Final)
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