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    Superly awesome, i'll try out now.

    I'll post my findings

    Here's something in my mind right njeeuw:

    1. Eevee is a great starter, gives you a nice choice for different types of pokemon.

    2. Name draw my attention, nice.

    3. Tads of RPG influences are nice, as showed in LoG

    4. Please don't overprice pokéballs and put the element game in here as well

    5. I like the way you meet your "rivals"

    6. I like the way you can walk up to slightly higher areas, instead of stairs, it looks realistic!

    I miss a donate button, you're the most dedicated hacker here and it takes time, so is the one on correct?

    Btw: Can you be a gym leader? :p (as in the in game character, or perhaps the champion of the league, so you just wait for challengers to defeat )

    Btw2: Ruby 1.0 or 1.1? Since you didn't know there was a 1.1 with LoG, maybe you based in onto it now?

    As of late I play more and more hacks, but I find yours to be the most intriguing. But at the end in LoG I kind of lost the story, too hard to understand when playing the game whilst watching a movie or doing something else. A less complicated plot would be appreciated

    And then: The lowered names, keep them I like it better than all those caps

    And why aren't names any longer than 7 chars?