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okay already played and gotten 3 badges to this point
my team:
lvl 21 marshtomp
lvl 20 ivysaur
lvl 17 zangoose (srs a real pain to lvl thanks to erratic xp req)

some stuff and feedback:

-if u decide not to have eevee, u can return it to the guy at the beach in exchange for...any random gen I-III starter? is that correct?

-hmm first 3 routes already have lvl 13-15 pidgeotto and zangoose, very dangerous especially for those on nuzlockes. yes they may be very rare but its still always a possibility to meet it when still at a low lvl. almost died to a sword-dancing zangoose if not for mudslap evasion hax. (and caught one thanks to it lol) consider slightly lowering their lvls?

-first gym has a chansey and its quite funny seeing potion being used even when 3/4 hp is still remaining (due to its high hp). any way to tweak its ai better?

-the gym music when first played is very high-pitched, tone it down a little?

-lol doduo is mispelled as "dodou" or intentional?

-lvl 10 skarmory, heracross etc. u mentioned it. might have something to do with ur script to reenable trainer battle after every badge obtained i guess