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So I finished it (got 6 badges and I presume that's the end...)
But it seems I missed Volcano event... because I cannot surf from the endangered city. o.O

Anyways here are some thingies =)

Am I lucky? xD

These phrases made me laugh :D

Also some out of bar texts aren't worth mentioning.
But the 10 level bug is interesting... there were too many Pokémon with this bug...

Oh, and could you edit Charmeleon's moveset to make it more usable?
My Charmeleon is on 33 level and it does NOT have any useful moves o.O
Srsly 33 level Charmeleon only with Ember and Scratch? :/ That doesn't really work...

Anyways my team is
Espeon 41
Ampharos 30
Charmeleon 33
Wartortle 30
Ivysaur 31

Oh man, I'm actually forced to use starters :/
Anyways, how can you evolve Eevee into another Pokémon? o.O I mean there are no evolution stones in game o.O
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