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    My Rankings
    #1 Jolteon 9.8 special attack speed
    #2 Umbreon 9.2 Dark type cool design terrible move pool and low attack is why it not #1
    #3 Leafeon 8.9 it learns leaf blade good move pool con bad design
    #4 Espeon 8.2 can learn a lot of tms special attack speed are great defense screws him over
    #5 Vaporeon 7.6 hp move pool always disliked sprite
    #6 Flareon 7.1 fire my 3rd favorite type was special and flareons best stat is attack bad move pool its a shame D;
    #7 Glaceon 5.1 its an ice type i dislike vaporeon but it bretty much covered ice moves to me its a better looking weak verson of vaporeon