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I buy... a lot of games per year. :( Apparently I've added 30 to my Backloggery this year and I don't even add everything. To be fair, tons are from indie bundles and the like. I probably get most of my games on Steam.

Aside from digital downloads, though, I tend to get all my games at EB Games. It's the most convenient store that sells games in my area and I don't mind their used selection. In fact, the only problem I've ever had with a game from EB Games was a game I bought new. :P (I didn't try to play it until long after I would have been able to return it though orz.)

EB Games is a pretty decent company in Canada. I mean, they'll still rip you off if you sell your games back to them and their used games are super pricy if the title is popular but they don't usually push subscriptions or Edge cards or whatever here. They've started to, though, which bugs me. :(
Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Wait wait wait - so you're telling me that Gamestop owns EB Games? I wonder why they bothered having EB Games out here at all. Why don't they just call it Gamestop the world over and be done with it? I've been trying not to say "EB Games" this whole time thinking nobody would have any idea what I was talking about :P

This blows my mind.

Though for what it's worth, I've never bought a used game from there. I buy all my games new :3
EB Games was a separate company and I believe Gamestop bought it. Canada is nearby so eventually they started opening Gamestops here and they converted all the EB Games into Gamestops... but now they're in the process of converting them all back for some reason. I imagine it's our proximity to the states that made it a worthy venture in the first place but out of NA, Gamestop has never existed so changing it would destroy brand image.

But yes, they're the exact same company. EB Games used to be a thing in the US too so people will still know what you're talking about. :P