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Everyone is overreacting about it. Its that we have all been used to the same kind of evolution levels for all the different kinds of pokemon.
But the game has evolved. They have changed the exp gaining formula and freshed things up. It only makes sense that they would tamper with the standards it affects.
It allows them to make more use of the 40-100 levels for the actual game.

So for example certain wild pokemon you meet towards the end of the game, like Mienfoo, already have ~40ish levels.
They probably had something like 35 planned for it, but then they thought that it wouldnt have to appear overleveld or already evolved the moment you first meet it, so they upped the game.

I am sure we will see more of this in all future games.

The only way this bothers me in, is that they should IMO adjust the old pokemon to new it'd feel right I guess xDDD

Some examples I can think of that I'd change:

1. the most obvious...
Magikarp --lv.45-> Gyarados

2. the weak bugs that go -7-10- (imo nothing should evolve earlier than 10)
Caterpie --lv.10-> Metapod --lv.18-> Butterfree
Weedle --lv.10-> Kakuna --lv.18->Beedrill
Wurmple --lv.10-> Silcoon/Cascoon --lv.18-> BEautifly/Dustox
Kricketot --lv.16-> Kricketune

3. The odd starter
Starters always follow the same levels, 14-18 first evo, 32-36 second evo, but there is a sinle exception that evolves at 30:
Totodile --lv.18-> Croconaw --lv.32-> Feraligatr

4. Azumarill. Being the only pokemon that evolves by level, after a happiness evolution, training the full line usually means being a Marill for a single level, since happiness takes longer than 17 levels without very special treatment... so either the level was higher, or the method different.
Seeing how every other pokemon with this setup evolves with a stone the second time (Pichu,Cleffa,Igglybuff,Togepi,Budew), and how Marill was the first attempt at a "the next Pikachu", being an elemental rodent... it seems perfectly fitting to use the Water Stone
Azurill --<3-> Marill --WaterStone-> Azumarill

5. Readjusting pseudo legends to new endgame challenge style:
Dratini --lv.36-> Dragonair --lv.60-> Dragonite
Larvitar --lv.38-> Pupitar --lv.58-> Tyranitar
Bagon --lv.42-> Shelgon --lv.62-> Salamence
Beldum --lv.35-> Metang --lv.65-> Metagross
Gible --lv.40-> Gabite --lv.60-> Garchomp

6. pokemon that I simply personally think would be fitting to evolve at higher levels:
Diglett --lv.30-> Dugtrio
Tentacool --lv.40-> Tentacruel
Doduo --lv.36-> Dodrio
Magnemite --lv.40-> Magneton --ML-> Magnezone
Seel --lv.39-> Dewgong
Gastly --lv.32-> Haunter --Trade-> Gengar
Drowzee --lv.32-> Hypno
Voltorb --lv.36-> Electrode
Cubone --lv.46-> Marowak
Tyrogue --lv.30-> Hitmons
Koffing --lv.41-> Weezing
Wooper --lv.33-> Quagsire
Wynaut --lv.26-> Wobbuffet
Teddiursa --lv.37-> Ursaring
Houndour --lv.36-> Houndoom
Phanpy --lv.40-> Donphan
Makuhita --lv.34-> Hyriyama
Aron --lv.32-> Lairon --lv.46-> Aggron
Electrike --lv.32-> Manectric
Trapinch --lv.35-> Vibrava --lv.55-> Flygon
Baltoy --lv.46-> Claydol
Spheal --lv.32-> Sealeo --lv.48-> Walrein
Cranidos --lv.36-> Rampardos
Shieldon --lv.36-> Bastiodon
Combee --lv.31f-> Vespiquen
Shellos --lv.38-> Gastrodon
Bronzor --lv.46-> Bronzong
Hippopotas --lv.42-> Hippowdon

probably even went too easy on nr.6... its so hard to put a 50+ on any of them for some reason..
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