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    Originally Posted by Toshiro. View Post
    In my Platinum game, I chose Chimchar because I love all his evolutionary stages and I never really choose the fire types for my starter so it was a nice change.

    In my Heartgold I chose Totodile because he's awesome and water types help a lot :3
    Exactly this. Infernape really is a brilliant pokemon for the game, particularly as there is a lack of any decent alternatives until later in the game. The same logic goes into my choice in HG/SS, I pick Totodile because Feraligatr is useful for teaching Waterfall to, and there are decent fire types available in that game. Of course, picking between Houndour and Growlithe ends up being just as hard!

    Originally Posted by Sakura Rain View Post
    In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, I picked Turtwig, because it is my absolute favorite starter ever because it is a adorable turtle, which eventually evolves into this still adorable but monstrous turtle with a tree on its back. That is badass.
    This is why I picked Turtwig when I got round to getting Platinum. I always picture the Giant turtle from that Zelda stage on Super Smash Bros. I imagine if I was allowed that I would neglect my bike in favour of lounging on Torterra's back, drinking tea and pruning his grass, whilst he ferried me about. In my mind we would have a falling out as I attempt to drive an umbrella into his back, you know, for sun protection. He would obviously take exception to that and I would have to treat him to a fancy meal before we could go back to first name terms. That's the dream anyway.
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