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Johto or Sinnoh?

Quite a simple question, which region between Johto or Sinnoh do you prefer? Did Johto's nostalgic charm encapsulate you? Or did the breath of fresh air Sinnoh gave us, reel you in? Travel wise, which is more frustrating? (Other than flying) Did the routes in Johto have you in fits of frustration? Did Sinnoh's forests prove easy to navigate? What routes intriguied you the most about this region? How about the graphics? Did the scenery look far surperior in Sinnoh than Johto? Vice versa?

Both for me, I found to be really interesting regions, Johto's routes were spectacular, they were vivid, lively and colourful. While Sinnoh's did pertain some of these qualities too, it didn't have the same vibrance compared to that of Johto's. If i had to choose between the to though, ultimately I'd opt for Johto. Sinnoh's routes were great, yes but some proved particularly tedious and at certain points in my journey, I'd often quit half way through a route, because I had found another boulder puzzle, or encountered yet another wild Golbat.
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