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Originally Posted by themc1192 View Post
hey guys new to the thread. just started playing the 3.2 and in the beginning it says the clock is broken and that i should probably start using a different emulator? what's that about and what emulator should i use im currently on vba on my laptop
Hi. Welcome to what I presume is your first Pokémon ROM of any type. Follow these directions to avoid the problem you just described on any future ROMhacks.

Assuming you use VisualBoyAdvance (if not, consult your emulator for equivalent directions)...

1. Options -> Emulator -> Save Type; change to 128K Flash
2. Options -> Emulator -> Real Time Clock; make sure it's checked (might not be needed, but I do this).
3. Quit VisualBoyAdvance (or your emulator; this is important).
4. Delete any save files created by the original opening of the ROM in your emulator. This is also important. Loading an existing save doesn't fix the problem.
5. Restart VisualBoyAdvance/"Some Other Random Emulator".
6. Load the ROM.
7. Enjoy.

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