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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
The winner would be Raichu, seeing that it has a ton of voltage in its electrical attacks, I'd say it'll dominate.
Interesting, Raichu was an answer I certainly didn't expect to come up o3o I guess it is supposed to be pretty powerful, but I can't really see it doing better than something like a Magnezone or Electivire... I suppose Raichu does have speed and dexterity on it's side more than the stronger Electric types would, but I still can't really see it winning xD Explain more! ;D

Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
Oh, and this is Megan btw, I know my name still says Meganium90 on the first post. :3
Not any more ;D

Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Awesome :D Well... What do you think about... Luxray? As for the reason, it depends of what you mean to be a good reason ^^ My reason would be that among the electric-type, it looks to be the one that the title "Shocking stars" suits the best :) So, that's a good think for the very first Pokémon of the Week, isn't it? Moreover, its colour scheme also reminds the colours scheme first page of the club. And it's a strong Pokémon, it deserves to be the Pokémon of the week. In a word, I think it's perfect to start the PoOTW system.
Sounds like a perfect reason to me, Luxray it is! I'll update it now c: The Shinx family was what I had in mind whilst designing the club (Shocking Stars was from it's tail x]) so I'm glad someone actually noticed! xD It's a perfect choice for the first Pokémon of the Week n.n

Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Yes, I was mainly thinking of its speed ^^ And I don't think Stunfisk would go far... I imagine it would faint before even trying to attack Jolteon.
Interesting, what makes you think that? Stunfisk's a pretty bulky Pokémon as especially with it's Ground typing I can't see it fainting too quickly at all :3 What can you imagine happening to make it faint so early? xD I guess if it was up against something like a Lanturn then it probably wouldn't pull through, but I'm sure it can hold it's own against most things haha.

Also I can't find a great PotW picture for Luxray, it's art is all too big D: Anyone have any suggestions for pictures to use? n.n