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    Seth was once again disturbed when he heard Tristen leaving. Apparently, her Skarmory had something urgent to show her. Seth didn't mind, he had noticed that she was a bit uncomfortable from the moment he had gotten there.

    Standing up, Seth decided to begin walking. Since he couldn't really leave the clearing without arousing suspicion, he resorted to walking the perimeter. Teal soon joined him, matching his quick stride.

    "I thought as much. She isn't exactly fond of you."

    "You don't have to tell me twice. Do you have a plan for climbing the mountain?"

    "Well, I think I'll zigzag up the steeper incline, but other than that, I'll just be trying to maintain a steady pace."

    "Cool. I think I might do the same."

    "I ran cross-country in high school. I have had training with this sort of running."

    "I see, well then, I guess I'll need another strategy... Any ideas?"

    "I'm not you, I wouldn't know what your strengths and weaknesses are while running."

    "You can find out! Can't you enter my mind while I'm running? That would work, right?"

    "Um, we can try."

    "Okay!" said Teal, who went tearing off across the field. As he was running, Seth melded his mind into Teal's, and immediately was worried by his breathing.

    First of all, your breathing is erratic. Try to measure your breaths by your stride. Try breathing out every other step, and slowly breath in the rest of the time. Other than that, you are an aggressive runner. Try to slow yourself down near the begining, and build up speed as you go. And never, NEVER run without stretching. You WILL hurt yourself. That is it. Seth mentally told Teal, watching as he adjusted the problems running back to Seth's position.

    "Well, that was fun..." an out-of-breath Teal told Seth.

    "Agreed, now, shall we get this show on the road?"
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