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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Academy Grounds

    Well... This was an awkward AND dangerous situation. Maxwell had absolutely no idea what he was gonna' do, if he was gonna' do anything that was. In the end he chose not to tamper with the dude, after all he knew close to nothing about medicine and treating wounds and such. The dog-thingy DID go somwhere and Maxwell would be surprised if it had gone to do something else than to get help.

    Meanwhile, Hugin pecked at the ground for goodies or something to eat, but he had no luck. Feeling a little disgrunteled by the whole situation, the Honchkrow decided to give the food-hunting a rest for the moment. After a while, the dog-thingy came back accompanied by a man. Maxwell could feel the aura of this man almost knock him over with its mighty force. It was the power, to win. A power not granted upon many, but only upon those whe were chosen to be the elite of everything. It felt like a wind of white powder swept in wherever this man was. Maxwell invardly bowed to his great greatness.

    "Honch, Honchkr-"(Well, if you want to know, it was that stupid-) Hugin began. He thought that he had nothing better to do than answer this man's question now that he refrained from the frenetic cawing for the moment. However Maxwell interrupted as he returned to reality by pushing away the crow slowly.

    "Well, you see," he began, "There was a Simipour who was attacking the blue Pokémon over there," Maxwell pointed at the Lucario, "And then this guy just jumps in between the attack and the Pokémon!" He said. The teen decided to leave out the fact that the Simipour belonged to Genevieve. She was probably in a slightly worse state than before and she also probably felt guilty over the fact that Sapphire had hurt the guy. The last thing she needed was for someone to point in her face and exclaim that she should control her Pokémon better and yadayadayada.
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