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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    I has been implemented before, and the main reason they took it away was because people misused it. I believe they even reintroduced it for a while, but I guess that didn't work out quite well :I

    At least that's what I've heard. Maybe now that the social groups are gone they'll try again, but as for now unless the hstaff feel that the forum-base has matured it won't be coming back.
    Your point is valid, however, leaving a personal comment as to why a user gave another user the "rep. point" would help pinpoint whether or not that specific user is actually helpful.
    Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
    There have been several threads on this, actually! PC had a rep system a while ago but there were many instances where people abused the system by de-repping posts because they didn't like the user and so on, so it was removed. If you search up "reputation" in this Questions/Feedback section, you'll see quite a lot of complaints from users on the system.

    Not too sure if it'll come back or not; that's up to the higher staff. I'm sure it's been considered before. A system that only allowed +repping posts might work, but again, I'm sure there's reasons it hasn't been brought back like that. (The possibility of things turning into a popularity contest, etc)
    I apologize. I did not search for similar threads.

    However, like I stated above, if users were only allowed to + "rep." another user, and have to leave a comment as to why you gave said individual a "rep. point", it would help members identify why that member is helpful, or in the instance of adding a "rep. point" due to the fact that they just like that user, we could determine if someone has accumulated an unfair amount of "rep.".

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